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  • Facing the Net of Justice

    Under the direction of the Chinese consulate, he interfered with Falun Gong's human rights activities to clarify the truth about the persecution in China. He incited and was involved in attacking practitioners. When he was handed a court summons, he knocked it to the ground and attempted to bring false charges against Falun Gong practitioners. After hearing the basis for the accusations from practitioners, the police picked up the summons and personally put it into Liang Guanjun's hands. The policeman said, "This is for you. You'd better take it. "Liang Guanjun had to accept it.
  • The Chinese Dictator Jiang Zemin and His Faction Abuse Their Power and Deprive Citizens of their Rights

    Many Falun Gong practitioners appealed about the brutal persecution against them. However, Jiang's group passed down a secret order telling the judicial department not to accept lawsuits and appeals from Falun Gong practitioners. As the judicial officials put it, "We know it's wrong to reject their appeals, but we must follow Jiang's order and do this as a political assignment, because he will hold us responsible if we take Falun Gong practitioners' cases."
  • As Victims Exercise Their Legal Rights, Offenders Should Take the Opportunity to Make up for Past Mistakes

    Hu Ping, the scholar who wrote the commentary about the practitioners' lawsuit against Jiang and his followers said, "The persistence evidenced in their actions and the spirit of the practitioners are of great significance. It shows that the struggle against the persecution is a fight for justice and serves as a warning to the oppressors that perpetrators cannot hide forever; justice will find them. In the court of world opinion, the trial has already been won."
  • My Thoughts on Some Incidents That Occured in Chongqing of China

    my friend He Mingli, a Falun Gong practitioner, has being given a thirteen year jail sentence by the Jiulongpo District Court in Chongqing City. Prior to this, he was detained for one year. Why? He exposed a horrendous crime: In public the police from Shapingba Bahelin Detention Centre raped Ms.Wei Xingyan, a postgraduate from Chongqing University. I have to ask, "Why was the culprit not put on trial and, instead, the person who spoke the truth sentenced to thirteen years in jail? Where is the justice? Where is the conscience of the Chongqing people?
  • After Practising Falun Dafa, My Mother's Illnesses Are Cured

    Last year he suffered from bone necrosis, which was very painful. He searched all over the place for a cure but to no avail. Upon seeing that his condition was hopeless, his relatives told him that Falun Gong is very effective in healing illnesses. They urged him to give Falun Gong a try. With no other choice he started practising Falun Dafa. In a few months his body felt much better, and he was close to being completely cured. He said from the bottom of his heart, "I will practise Falun Dafa forever. Falun Dafa is wonderful!"
  • People's Consciences Are Awakened After Seeing Videos Highlighting the Truth About Falun Gong

    At 8 p.m. on the 20th of November, 2004, the Beijing satellite TV system was tapped into and broadcasted a documentary video about Falun Dafa entitled "Between Heaven and Earth". Viewers in different areas reported seeing varying lengths of the video, from ten minutes to thirty minutes. Many people finally understood that the staged self-immolation in Tiananmen Square was masterminded by the Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin and his faction to frame Falun Dafa and its founder so as to deceive the Chinese people.
  • Students Answer "Falun Dafa Is Good" in an Ethics and Morality Exam in China

    After school Panpan told his mother about the examination. Later they went to talk about Falun Gong to his homeroom teacher. After learning the truth about Falun Gong and the real factors behind the unlawful persecution, Panpan's homeroom teacher told the Ethics and Morality teacher, "Don't put the students in a difficult position. The examinations don't need to be redone. Falun Gong is truly good."
  • The Dilemma of Being a Teacher in Today's China

    The words written on the first chalkboard I came across were by Mr. Tao Xingzhi, a well-known Chinese educator: "In everything you teach, you teach people to be truthful; among everything you learn, you learn how to be a good person." Ms. Wang, who had just being removed from her teaching position, was sitting in the library on the third floor. It was June, the time for potential teachers to take their qualifying exams. Each new teacher is faced with a difficult choice -- follow the basic requirements for being a good teacher, or succumb to the pressure of slandering good people?
  • People In China Find Out the True Facts About Falun Dafa

    A practitioner in another province explained the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution to her. The women then came to believe that the persecution against Falun Dafa would soon end. She thought this way because of the pressure by many countries worldwide and the resentment of many people in the government against the Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin. She told me earnestly: "The ban on Falun Gong is wrong. You will hear about this in the news later, wait and see."
  • Photos Bearing Witness to History: Practising the Falun Dafa Exercises on the Morning of October 1998 on Dalian City's Xinghai Plaza

  • People in Shenyang Openly Discuss the Contents of a Falun Dafa Documentary Video Spliced into the Beijing Satellite TV System

    Another gentleman saw a factual VCD about Falun Gong before, but he had feared discussing it with others and said, "Don't ever tell others I saw the VCD." This time, he changed completely; he told everyone he met: "The TV network broadcast a program about Falun Gong! Falun Gong is remarkable!"
  • Third Party Commentary: What "Internationally Recognised Rules" Does Jiang Zemin and his Regime Respect?

    The attitude of the Party regarding the June 4th 1989 massacre of students at Tiananmen Square severely violated the Chinese Constitution and International Covenants. When rock solid evidence is placed before them, their devious nature is exposed. Fifteen years ago, when Jiang Zemin was interviewed by a foreign journalist about a female college student that survived the June 4th incident, only to be raped in a forced labour camp, Jiang's comment was, "Serves her right!"
  • Interviews with Falun Dafa Practitioners in Manhattan: "Then you had better distribute the handouts quickly! The more the better!"

    When I returned to the United States a Falun Dafa practitioner noted, "You have changed!" I asked, "How have I changed?" She said, "You have many fewer wrinkles and the dark specks on your skin have disappeared." In just a few months the change has been that great. The more commendable thing was that I had improved my ethics and character. I used to be very ill tempered. After several incidents I discovered that I no longer lost my temper so quickly
  • Safeguarding Falun Dafa Books Results in Good Fortune

    She remembered that a Falun Dafa practitioner had once asked her to help safeguard some Falun Dafa books. This friend followed the old woman to her home and to look at the books. When he flipped open the first page and pointed to the photograph of the founder of Falun Gong, he asked the old woman, "Is this the person you dreamt of?" She said repeatedly, "Yes! That's him!"
  • The Thoughts of a Kindhearted Policeman in China

    Judging from the behaviour of Falun Gong practitioners, I can tell they are good people. Some of them are even exemplary citizens. They gauge their behaviour with compassion. I have been a policeman for many years, and I have seen the bright side, as well as the ugly side of this profession. As a guardian of society, I can help promote the kind and punish the evil. However, I know that some police abuse their power and do dirty things that harm the interests of society.