UK: Family Rescue Appeal Activities in Cambridge

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Cambridge was bustling this weekend as the beautiful sights and sounds of traditional Chinese arts enthralled onlookers. They saw enchanting performances by Falun Gong practitioners from many parts of the UK. The performances included a beautiful Fan Dance that was performed in the authentic dress of the Tang Dynasty, a historical period of Chinese history renowned for its cultural and artistic splendour.

The purpose of this event was to appeal to the good people of the UK to support the campaign to release Bao Lian Zhu and Yongjie Zhu who are illegally imprisoned in China for simply trying to follow the principles of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance. The Rescue event in Cambridge was a huge success and many signatures on a petition to free these practitioners were collected from the local community, distressed at the terrible situation the two practitioners are in. Western and Chinese practitioners sang a song composed by practitioners, which had a warming effect on bystanders. Many more came forward and signed the petition.

When the Falun Gong exercises were performed the effect was amazing. A large number of people were taken aback by the power and solemnity of this exercise demonstration in the historic market place.

The chilling reality of the two practitioners’ plights was brought to life in a compelling piece of street theatre written and directed by a local playwright. Two of the actors played themselves in this dramatisation. One was Bao Sheng, Bao Lian’s London based brother who was appealing for immediate permission to visit her; the other was Weiguo Xie, Yongjie’s fiancé who has recently completed his Ph.D at the University of Manchester (UMIST).

The BBC radio Cambridge interviewer who talked to Weiguo and Bao Sheng was deeply moved by the terrible situation of their sister and fiancée. He put his hand on his heart and promised to broadcast their conversation that very day. He was touched by our gift of the “Voices of Support” magazine. A major newspaper photographed the event.

Our hearts go out to you Bao Lian and Yongjie. You are not alone in your suffering. We are already rehearsing our next appeal on your behalf!

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