“Many of my teachers say that Falun Gong is good. They practise Falun Gong and they are not stupid.”

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The town I live in is rather small and seldom are Chinese to be seen here. Yet one day all of a sudden, when we stand in the park and practise I see a thin and visible figure slowly walking towards our direction. It’s a young woman with an Asian look. I call her and ask if she is Chinese. To my surprise she answers, “Yes”.

I walk up to her and we start a cautious chat. She looks at us with large surprising eyes and wonders if it’s not cold sitting like that (and meditating) in the snow. It turns out that she’s only been in Sweden for 9 months and comes from the south of China. She already talks rather good Swedish. Immediately she starts to wonder if we pay to learn and we pledge that no Falun Gong activities are allowed to charge. She looks happy and relieved.

Meanwhile, another practitioner goes to get information in Chinese and comes back with a few flyers, which makes her smile and say, “Oh, much better!” And we all laugh.

She browses the flyers and finds pictures from the staged self-immolation incident. I then ask her if maybe she has seen it on TV. She smiles, nods and says in an amusing way that she has. I say that I understand that she of course must have, since anti-Falun Gong propaganda is rolling on day and night in China. I start to explain the various details surrounding the incident, such as when someone is severely burnt one should not have any bandages and that the TV team does not have any safety clothing during the interview in the hospital, that one cannot see who is interviewed due to all the bandages, and it’s strange that one “happens” to have, on that particular day, a fire extinguisher out in Tiananmen Square. Before I am going to say more, she looks at me and says searching after words, “Then it may not be true? I know that our TV and media are not...free.” I tell her that Falun Gong is well received in more than 60 countries and that we practised before the persecution began. She wonders how Falun Gong has been good for me and I tell her that I have never been ill, but earlier allergies and asthma and other trouble have disappeared and that I am above all much happier now.

She thinks a little and then says that she has been in Beijing and been studying in a big university and everywhere in Beijing one can see signs and banners that say ”Falun Dafa is good!” I say, “Falun Dafa Hao!” And she smiles enthusiastically. She turns to me a little closer and lowers her voice as if she is going to tell me a secret, and says, “Many of my teachers says that Falun Gong is good. They practise Falun Gong and they are not stupid.”

Then she slowly walks on with flyers in hand, and another person has created a positive predestined relation with Dafa. I, myself am filled with warmth and joy over the meeting and with my own ears get to hear the good news that our fellow practitioners in China through this woman. We are indeed a united Fa body.

Original version in Swedish: http://se.clearharmony.net/articles/200302/4897.html

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