North Holland Daily: Falun Gong Practitioners Show Exercises in Victory Park

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Monday, Feb. 17, 2003
(Translated from Dutch)

This article was written on the day when a Falun Gong practice site was established in Victory Park. This is the first time that Falun Gong practitioners have practised in this park. The author happened to pass by without being notified beforehand. He decided to write this article soon after he saw the scene. A photographer was sent there last Saturday to take photos to complete this article.

Light music was coming from a small tape recorder. This is a Saturday afternoon. Inside Victory Park [...] three people wearing yellow clothes sometimes move their arms slowly, sometimes just stand there motionlessly. Passers-by turn their head to look at these people curiously. A banner that hangs on the branches of the trees reads “Falun Dafa” in Chinese.

[...] Ping says: “The Chinese government started to suppress Falun Gong relentlessly soon after this movement became popular.” [...]

Outdoor Practice

They started a weekly practice outdoors just recently. Falun Gong practitioners like to practise outdoors, which is beneficial to body and mind. Ping says, “The traffic noise from the opposite side of North Holland Canal does not affect our practice at all. In fact, we can sit in meditation in city centre square. But that would require permission.”

Healthy persons

Falun Gong practitioners make an effort to become better and healthier persons. People can understand Falun Gong by browsing the introductory exhibition boards. Free pamphlets and newspapers are also available to provide information. Through practice, sitting in meditation, upgrading Xinxing [heart and mind nature], and assimilation to the characteristic of the universe, i.e. Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, Falun Gong practitioners can achieve improvement in their body and mind. The exercises of Falun Gong looks like yoga. However, Faun Gong is far more than strengthening the physical body. The ultimate goal of practising Falun Gong is to become enlightened with great wisdom, or to achieve so-called Unlocking of Gong.

Ping adds, “Practising in the park is not to protest against the suppression in China, but it is an opportunity to let the world understand the truth about Falun Gong.”

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