Opening speech of the European Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience-Sharing Conference, Geneva, 2003

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Our most respected Master, dear fellow practitioners,

Five years have gone by since our first European Fa-conference in 1998. During the period of Fa-rectification, European Dafa disciples have stepped forward to validate Fa. Together with the Dafa disciples from other parts of the world we have merged into one body in promoting the process of Fa-rectification.

The evil forces sabotage against Dafa and the persecution against Dafa disciples continue to escalate. They are getting more and more desperate the closer they are to their end. We Dafa disciples must study Fa more, pay more attention to sending forth righteous thoughts and clarify the truth with more wisdom so that we do not give the evil a chance to sabotage our efforts any longer.

On the other hand, more and more people, government officials and human rights organisations around the world are more and more aware of the persecution against Falun Dafa and are giving broader and deeper support to us. We are thankful for their support and we are happy for their future.

Today we are here together with fellow practitioners from more than forty countries. We have, this time, received numerous experience sharing reports. So many that the limited conference duration will leave many speeches unheard. This Fa-conference will also be unique in that many speakers are coming from countries from which no speech has ever been given before.

Facing the evil old forces, Dafa disciples are becoming more and more mature in the Fa-rectification. The evil is more exposed and the truth is better clarified. There are now more than thirty Dafa associations established around the globe. We are coordinating and cooperating better and better. Our understanding of Dafa is the guarantee for harmonious and fruitful cooperation. The better we are in cooperating, the greater and stronger is our One Body and the smaller and weaker the evil forces become. Let’s use our very righteous hearts, send forth even stronger righteous thoughts and fulfill our historical mission as Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period.

We wish all the best for a successful conference.

Thank you.

European Falun Dafa Association

* * *

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