Clarifying the Truth to Politicians and Co-operation

Shared at the 2014 European Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference
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Honoured Master!
Honoured fellow practitioners!

My name is Eva and I am from Sweden. Spirituality has always been natural to me and when I encountered Falun Gong and started to practise in 2006 I felt that Falun Gong was greater than anything I had come across before. It was something I did not want to let go.

We had our first child soon after I became a practitioner. When I started to do truth clarification to people I started by translating for Epoch Times. I also took part in local activities. We soon had more children and I began to understand what a great responsibility it is to raise Dafa children. Thus it took a while before I began travelling to meet practitioners outside of my local group.

Now I would like to share my experience of informing politicians and about co-operation.

Contacting politicians
Two years ago DAFOH started an international petition campaign. Our Swedish members of parliament were going to be contacted and I felt that the MPs representing my area should also have this chance to be saved.

In my city we are very few practitioners. The other practitioners have been practising longer than I have and they told me they did not have regular contact with our representatives. Since the rest of the group was occupied with other projects I felt that it was up to me to give these politicians a chance.

Having young children takes up a lot of time. When the housework is done after the children have been put to bed, there is not much time left in the evening. I often felt that it was hard to balance everything that should be fitted into that short time. During weekdays I work or take care of the children.

Still, I decided to find time to contact the parliamentary representatives from my area. Because I needed to make phone calls during work hours, I took a vacation every now and then to be able to have concentrated time for making phone calls. A fellow practitioner who does not work during the daytime helped me out by sending forth-righteous thoughts while I made the phone calls. We have good co-operation and she always helps along when I ask her to.

When I was informing politicians in connection with the DAFOH petition 2012, we were a group of practitioners from all parts of Sweden who were contacting their area representatives in parliament. My experience was that together we created a strong field that helped us to reach many politicians during a focused period.

I have never talked to politicians before nor had an interest in politics. I had no notions about the people I contacted or their political ideas. But because they work on a national level I had the thought that they were very busy, hard to reach and were very short of time. I also had a thought that they were higher and better than myself, because of their prominent positions in society.

Here is where my personal cultivation came in, where I am working on how to value myself. I have also had to remind myself to have faith in Master and his arrangements.

I let go of my thoughts that they would be hard to reach and not having any time. Before I call someone for the first time, I find out about that person’s area of work. When I am about to call, I send forth-righteous thoughts; I look at a picture of that person and focus on this person’s true nature. I have the thought, "this is the chance they have come for".

I was surprised by the result. On the same day two politicians suggested and booked for us to meet in a café later on. I got hold of almost all of those I called and later I met several of them. Because they now know who I am and have a positive and well-considered impression, they take time for my e-mails and phone calls.

Through this contact with them I have also let go of my notion that people with higher positions in society are better or more valuable than others and especially than myself. I am more able to meet these politicians now as ordinary people who have come to get salvation through Dafa.

Several times I have let go of my private plans when I have suddenly had an opportunity to meet one of these politicians. I have had the thought that this should be prioritized and that my personal things will work out well, which they also have.

We have very good co-operation between Swedish practitioners who are contacting politicians. I feel it is like a train that is moving steadily towards a certain goal. We share with each other, support and take time for each other. This way a Free China screening was held in the Swedish parliament, with support from representatives from all parties. Also, a well-attended seminar on organ harvesting was arranged.

To see the commitment and heart of the politicians that invited others and arranged the seminar in parliament was an experience that touched me. One practitioner took the opportunity to contact one of the largest Swedish newspapers about the seminar and an article was published the same morning as the seminar took place. Another practitioner showed the newspaper to two of the politicians arranging the seminar and while they were introducing the seminar, they held up the article and urged all MPs to share and write about this through their social media. I was moved to tears.

Letting go of oneself
After the Free China screening in parliament I was supposed to do interviews with a few politicians for an article in Epoch Times. It was the first time I did an interview, but while I knew the MPs have a busy schedule and that I had little time to do the interviews, I didn’t want this to be a disturbance and instead I was calm, in the present and gave them time. I held a thought that this will work out well.

Another practitioner told me that I needed to keep the interviews shorter so I could have the time to interview certain important people. I understood her point and let her take me to the next person to interview, but for a while I felt like a little girl who was being reprimanded and that I was not trusted to make decisions on my own.

On this important occasion I didn’t want my feelings to disturb things. I thought that it doesn’t matter if I do as she says, because I knew why I was there and what I needed to do. I let go of myself and got my heart back for the task. I didn’t catch one woman who was important to interview, but instead I called her the morning after. We had a long and nice chat; she was grateful for my calling her and said she really appreciated Epoch Times, which she knew from before.

This time, I experienced how we can get out of balance in our truth clarification work if we let our attachments be used by the Old Forces. When I took back my determination to do this well, for Dafa, and let go of myself I regained my calmness and could do what I was supposed to do.

Being resolute
Talking to politicians, or others, I see different things in myself that need to be balanced and some things of course need to be removed. I want to listen to them and respect them. At the same time I know that they have been waiting for this chance to be saved and I need to be resolute to be able to give them this chance. I let go of my fear and step forward for Dafa. I remember why I call or meet them and what I offer them. They have been waiting for this chance.

Sometimes I need to have more patience and faith, to have faith in Master’s arrangements that things always happen at the best point in time, when the environment and people are ready.

To get in closer contact with and co-operate with other Swedish practitioners has made me start to perceive the Dafa body that Master talks about. When I did the training on sonant about Free China film screenings, practitioners from Eastern Europe took part as well. As I heard their voices, my perception of the Dafa body expanded. Continuing to work with screenings the voices from many different countries has helped me to feel the greatness of our Dafa body, what we do together and how we co-operate. I get inspired from our sharings and they make me want to be more diligent in my cultivation and truth clarification. I feel proud and grateful to be a part of this.

It is new for me to write an experience sharing and I discovered that it was very good for my cultivation. By looking back on what I have been through, I can look deeper and find new things to let go of. I have also, by seeing the whole process, been able to find patterns in myself and through this, my attachments. Looking back has enabled me to see from another angle.

I want to conclude with a poem from Hong Yin I, which I have carried with me for many years. It reminds me of the importance of co-operation and supporting each other.

One with the Fa
Broadly shines a Buddha´s light,
Justly setting all things right.
Advance together, ever diligent,
To a glorious future.

Thank you Master!
Thank you fellow practitioners!

* * *

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