German Labour Bureau Publishes Practitioner's Inspirational Story

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Falun Gong practitioner Guo Jufeng was recently thrust into the limelight in Dortmund, Germany, following the publication of his inspirational story of how he went from being an inmate in a Chinese labour camp, to a certified electrical engineer in a German company. He has been applauded for his never-give-up attitude.

According to the “Annual Report on Chinese International Migration,” which was published in the latter part of 2013, the number of Chinese immigrating has risen to 9.34 million. Many of these people possess white collar skills, but have to settle for blue collar jobs initially. Thus, a bank analyst might wind up being a dishwasher, labourer or janitor. As a result, these people often feel trapped by their circumstances.

So, when the Dortmund City Labour Bureau first published the article “Guo Jufeng, a Fresh Start” in its small, in-house newspaper, it caused quite a stir in the local community. In the article, Guo talked about how he had picked himself up after arriving in Germany, and became a certified electrical engineer.

The bureau noted that it is especially hard for immigrants to find a job in Germany, as they face both a language barrier and strict employment and certification guidelines.

“Guo’s story is a unique story of courage and perseverance,” noted bureau chief Mr. Schuler. The article went on to explain how Guo Jufeng, an engineer in China, had been forced to flee his hometown in 2008, due to the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong.

Article in Dortmund Labour Bureau's newspaper: "Guo Jufeng, a Fresh Start"

Mr. Guo talked about how he had been abducted in China on four separate occasions, imprisoned in a forced labor camp, and brutally tortured. Upon his release in January 2008, Guo made his way to Germany and settled down in Ravensburg, where he enrolled in a language school. “It was very clear to me that learning German was the first step in finding a good job,” Guo explained. He later moved to Dortmund, where he was reunited with his family in 2009.

In order to support himself, Guo worked as an electrician, postman, and a laborer in a moving company. After successfully completing his German language studies, Guo met Mr. Schuler, who is in charge of the academic employment agency at Dortmund Labour Bureau. “Guo is a positive, optimistic, and well-educated man,” Mr. Schuler said. “I was surprised at how quickly he had picked up the German language.”

“It was very difficult for me to find a Chinese friend in Germany with the same goals as mine,” said Guo. “I had to persevere while maintaining a peaceful and rational state of mind. It wasn't easy, as I faced a lot of setbacks along the way. However, when I looked at everything that was going on in my life, I saw it as an opportunity to cultivate myself.

“Each time that I had finished the Dafa sitting meditation, I found that my mind was very calm and all of my anxieties had disappeared. In addition, I was filled with positive energy and quickly recovered from any body fatigue that I had.

“One of the key lessons that I have learned from my experience in Germany is that whenever I remain true to my conscience, heaven always rewards me!”

About a year ago, Guo was hired by a German multinational company as a certified electrical engineer.

Mr. Guo gave a firsthand account of the persecution in China. He personally knew the 12 Falun Gong practitioners on the display board, all of whom lost their lives due to the persecution

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