Belgium: Broad Support at European Parliament Building in Brussels

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Throughout June, Falun Gong practitioners held events in front of the European Parliament Building to raise awareness of the severe suppression of Falun Gong in China. Below are some examples of the broad support they have received from all walks of life.

Claudio Olivetti, who works on the Constitutional Treaty in Europe, said the situation in China is much worse than he thought: “Such things [organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners] are terrible, and we must follow up on this.” As he signed a petition of support, Olivetti said China always wants to show the world that it has improved on human rights issues. “That means it is important to publicize this brutality so that government of China will investigate it.”

Business consultant Stefan Schepers studied the posters on display before signing a petition calling for an end to the persecution. “I have heard about your group from newspapers and other channels. And I know the Chinese communist regime targets people with violence.” He encouraged practitioners to hold more such events to focus public attention on the issue, commenting that Europe should not sacrifice human rights principles to do business with China.

Business consultant Stefan Schepers thinks that human rights should not be undermined to do business with China

Mr. Thomas, a councillor visiting the European Union offices, said, “I have seen TV reports about you and now I am glad to know more about this important issue.” He said he did not understand why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would persecute innocent practitioners. “I will ask my member of the parliament to sign a petition, too, because everyone should have freedom of belief. If it is the right thing to do, we should help each other and do it well.”

Thomas Redmond, who works in the Irish government, said he first heard about forced organ harvesting several years ago. “This atrocity reminds me of other tragedies that occurred in history. We have to do something to stop them.” In addition to signing a petition, Redmond said he would also bring the matter up when he met his parliament member later in the day.

Thomas Redmond said people should learn from the history and prevent tragedies such as forced organ harvesting

Kathleen Funchion, an Irish parliament member, came by with two other Irish officials. They took pictures, talked with practitioners, and signed petitions of support. “I am aware of this [forced organ harvesting] and it makes me ashamed.” She said she would tell more officials about this.

Anna Faias works for a fund-raising organization. She picked up quite a few brochures and asked many questions. Forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China disturbed her deeply. “We have to let more people know about this—people must know about this,” she said. “You’ve done a great job here. Thank you for your courage.”

Pedestrian Maud Brichat signed a petition on her way to catch a bus. She said what practitioners were doing in front of the European Parliament Building was “important. This is based on the traditional values, something all of us need to support.” She said that the more people that knew about this, the sooner the atrocity would stop.

Passersby sign petitions to support Falun Gong practitioners

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