My Journey to True Cultivation

By a practitioner from Germany
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Dear esteemed Master and fellow practitioners.

I am Gabriel from Berlin. I am 13 years old and have practised Falun Dafa with my parents since I was little. I read the Fa and do the exercises. However, I did not understand how to cultivate and how to let go of selfishness until recently. I only knew that practitioners have to cultivate and do the three things well.

My mother keeps telling me that when looking at older photos we see Faluns on my belly. Thus, I had a good basis and as a young child I had very few human notions. Yet, as I grew up, I was more and more involved in the big dye vat of society.

When I attended primary school, about 90 per cent of my class were children of Arabic and Turkish background. These children fought daily with each other. I constantly tried to tell them that fighting was not good, as one accumulates one piece of karma after another. This was of help, and the situation improved. Therefore, I helped my fellow students become better.

Letting Go of Selfishness and Playing Computer Games
As I was a good student, I was accepted into a good grammar school after four years at primary school. Life in that school was better, as the students were nice and cooperated well. However, it was very difficult to get acclimatized, but it got better after the first grade, and things were alright from then on. Some of my classmates relaxed more and began to play mobile phone games.

I remember clearly that on a rainy day I decided to belong to that group of youngsters who play computer games. I went home and secretly downloaded a game and started to play. At first, I found it rather interesting to play games. However, I had a fever three times during a period of three months. This should have opened my eyes but unfortunately it did not. Then my grades slipped.

I kept reading Master's Fa about computer games and the Internet. Practitioners were told that the Internet was a “demonic hell” and that extraterrestrials use it to control human bodies – I truly had a guilty conscience. One day I decided to stop playing such games, and also told my mother. She was happy that I recognized my problem and that I decided to truly cultivate.

I stopped indulging in such games. Yet, the desire still held me in its thrall and wanted to lead me astray. However, I could get rid of such thoughts by sending forth righteous thoughts. For this, I thank Master, who gave me the willpower to let go.

Letting Go of Fear
My mother is often out of town on business, and my father works abroad. During these times, someoI have a babysitter. When in bed, I am afraid of the dark and it takes a long time to fall asleep. But I did not want to tell my sitter, because I was afraid that such issues would touch her nerves. Besides, I feared that she would think I was a weakling. I was unhappy when my mother was out of town for a long time.

I addressed this problem with my mother and asked for a way to fall asleep faster. She told me that this issue had nothing to do with going to sleep, but that fear held me in its thrall. It does not matter what type of fear one holds onto, fear has to do with selfishness. As a cultivator we need to let go of selfishness.

We decided to discuss this issue and searched for all types of anxieties we could think of. For example, I am afraid of losing face, underachieving in school, and so on. Yet, I had no idea how to let go of the fear of darkness and sleeplessness. As such anxieties continued to bother me, I spoke again with my mother.

Mother said casually that a cultivator does not need that much sleep, and I should use that time for studying the Fa, doing Dafa exercises, or sending forth righteous thoughts. As soon as these fears tried to control my mind and I could not go to sleep, I sent righteous thoughts and studied the Fa. After that I had no problem going to sleep. This process showed me how to let go of other anxieties.

Strengthen One's Mind to Join the Tian Guo Marching Band
I began to learn playing the French horn about a year ago, because I wanted to join the Shen Yun Orchestra. However, I first wanted to be a member of the Tian Guo Marching Band, because this would reach and save many people.

I was not up to par yet, and had to practise all the music so I could play by heart. Shortly before the July Berlin parade, I found out that a workshop for the marching band would be held. But, I had already been given my mother's approval to try out my new aeroplane toy that afternoon.

My mother said with a smile: “Now, you have the chance to raise your cultivation level. It is totally up to you to either play with the plane or attend the workshops.”

I wanted to try out my new aeroplane, which had arrived that particular day. But, I quickly held the thought that saving human beings was more important. I then decided to attend the workshop.

This was the first time I played with the Marching Band. I felt a very strong energy field and could play very well. This encouraged me and strengthened my will to play the French horn, so I could become a member of the Marching Band as soon as possible.

I really appreciate this experience. After the workshop, I played the French horn daily and passed the first stage exam required for joining the Marching Band. I am already looking forward to the first performance.

Thank you esteemed Master and fellow practitioners.

* * *

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