Le Monde: French Parliament Members Express Concern about Illegal Organ Trafficking in China

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Sixty Members of Parliament in France recently expressed their concern about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s harvesting of organs from living people for transplantations. They suggested introducing new legislation to prevent the French from going to China to receive these organs, according to a November 27, 2020, report in France’s largest daily newspaper Le Monde.

The Le Monde report said that there are many gray areas under the CCP’s repressive system, including organ harvesting from non-consenting dissidents. Although the CCP announced that it stopped using organs from death row prisoners in 2015, the abundance of organs and speed of transplants remain at record-breaking levels in private and public hospitals in China.

Joshua Rosenzweig, an expert on issues in China, was quoted in the report: “Amnesty has long raised the question about the transparency issue in the organ transplant industry in China.”

The report pointed out that the number of prisoners executed each year in China is a state secret, but some NGOs have estimated the number to be about 1,000. The fact that China, [which doesn’t have an established organ donation system], is able to carry such out a large number of transplants so quickly each year only raises more questions about where the organs come from.

The report compared the wait time for a transplant in France with China. In France, the average wait time is three years, and between 15% and 30% of patients die during that time. But in China, where transplanting organs has become a lucrative industry, the average wait time is only 12 days.

Much evidence has suggested that Falun Gong practitioners and Uighurs, many of whom are being detained in concentration camps and prisons, are the two major groups targeted by the CCP for their organs.

The report said that, although many questions remain to be answered, at least 60 French MPs have raised concerns about the issue and said they should be more vigilant about it.

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