Bedridden and Blind, Falun Dafa Lifted Me out of the Darkness

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Born in a village, I'm an 89-year-old blind woman who has never set foot in a school. I am illiterate. I am still alive today thanks to the Master of Dafa, who gave me a new lease on life.

I've had many amazing experiences and I want to tell everyone: “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Whoever practices it will turn into a better person, one who is healthy and happy. Their family members will receive blessings too!”

Difficult Upbringing
My mother passed away when I was 7. My stepmother gave birth to my sister after marrying my father. The next year, she gave birth to my brother. Our family relationships were strained—my life was difficult and I suffered tremendously. My biological father treated me coldly after he wed my stepmother.

My stepmother made me take care of my sister when I was 13. I also had to do chores such as carrying water, sweeping the yard, feeding the chickens and so on. One winter, after a heavy snowfall, the ground had turned into ice. I went to get water and nearly slipped into the well. I thought it would be a relief to fall into the well and die. One time, my stepmother told me to boil water to make dinner. She got angry when I did not do a good job and kicked me aside. I crawled back to the fire and continued to heat up the water.

As I had to take care of my younger siblings, I did not attend a single day of school. When I was 17, I hastily married a man who came from an “undesirable family background” (looked down on by the CCP). Although my husband’s family treated me very well, due to his family background, I was implicated and persecuted. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials made me, an 18-year-old woman do jobs that men wouldn’t do. During the Great Leap Forward movement, I carried water and cooked for everyone in the village in winter when it was snowing. After cooking, I had to do the same chores as the others.

Chinese people went through the great famine when I was 23. By then, I had two daughters. Those with “desirable family backgrounds” were given 5 kg of food every month. Because our background was undesirable, we got only half of what other families got. Sometimes, we didn’t get anything at all. One year, we only had a handful of cornmeal to feed our family of five. After eating his share, my father-in-law licked what was left in the bowl. Life was truly hard then. In those days, our family nearly starved to death.

I sold all the dowry items my family gave me when I got married so that my husband could travel to the northeast in pursuit of a better life. While he was there, my husband suffered a lot. I took our daughters and joined him. We lived in Harbin, which was very cold. Our family of 6 spent eight harsh winters in temperatures as low as -30° C (-22° F).

I gave birth to our fifth daughter at the age of 41. My health collapsed entirely by then. I had heart disease (level 3 heart failure), inflamed nerves, an overactive thyroid, trachea infection, stomach inflammation, pain in the legs, and other severe ailments.

By the time I was 50, I began having trouble seeing. I had surgery on my left eye—but because it wasn’t successful, I lost eyesight completely in my left eye within six months. I cried so much that I became blind in my right eye as well. I was on the verge of death and nothing could save me. I lay in bed all day waiting for death.

Dafa Lifted Me Out of the Darkness
I was bedridden for 12 years. One day in April 1996 when I was 64, a friend came to visit me and told me about Falun Dafa. When I heard that the practice could resolve illnesses, I agreed to give it a try.

The next day, my friend took me to a practice site. I could not see her doing the exercise movements, so I sat on the ground and listened to the music. It was very pleasant, as if it came from the heavens. I decided to learn Falun Dafa.

My friend brought me to the practice site to learn the movements. As I was blind and already in my 60s, it took two days for me to learn all five exercises. I am very grateful to fellow practitioners for patiently teaching me the exercises.

On the third day, I went to the practice site to do the exercises with my friend. While I did the second exercise, I felt a large hand grab my heart. From then on my heart problems were gone. Dafa is truly extraordinary!

I persisted in doing the exercises every day and I listened to the recordings of Master’s lectures. Within a short period of time, all my ailments were gone. I truly experienced what it was like to have a light body free of illness. Thank you Master for your compassion. You saved me from death!

Master Li gave me a second life and gave me hope.

Amazing Experiences While Learning the Teachings
I am an old lady who is blind and illiterate, yet Dafa requires practitioners to study the teachings. I started by listening to Master’s taped lectures. Later, everyone began to memorize the teachings. I thought I should do the same. I got my daughter to help me learn On Dafa in Zhuan Falun. I tried to memorize each sentence as she read them. Sometimes, I spent the entire night memorizing what I learned during the day until I did not make any mistakes. Only then did I allow myself to go to bed.

Whenever anyone was around whether it was my daughter or nephew, I would get them to help me recite the Fa. With Master looking out for me, a miracle happened. I could recite On Dafa without missing a word. I then went on to memorize some of the poems in Hong Yin as well as certain scriptures in Essentials for Further Advancement.

When other practitioners in my Fa study group saw that I could recite Master’s teachings by heart, they were inspired to do so as well. If I didn’t practice Falun Dafa, how could a blind old lady like me memorize books? Many people say it is a miracle when they heard that I memorized Dafa books.

Once, I stumbled over a basin of water left on the ground. My mouth hit the water tap so hard that it became crooked. My lips were swollen. My family wanted to take me to the hospital but I told them I was fine. Master would look after me. I recited “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” nonstop in my heart and I recovered very quickly. I witnessed how phenomenal Dafa is once again.

In 2011, my husband took me for a haircut in a rickshaw. As we drove down a slope his vision was blocked by houses on our right. A motorcycle sped towards us. To avoid a collision, my husband swerved and drove into a trench 1 meter wide, 2 meters deep. I felt a large hand holding me and I gently landed on the bottom of the trench. My husband fell into the trench too. I laid at the bottom, my head felt as if it was covered in a blanket. I silently recited “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is good, Falun Dafa is good.” I tried to climb out twice but failed.

Many people came to see what happened and helped to pull my husband and me out of the trench. We were taken to a small hospital in the village. The doctor cleaned my husband’s wounds. I was fine with only a bit of broken skin on my head. Spectators on the scene said, “Those who practice Falun Dafa are indeed strong.” The truth is, Master protected my husband and I, creating a miracle like this.

Sharing My Story and Helping People Quit the CCP
Since I benefited so much from practicing Falun Dafa, I wanted to tell others about it. I introduced Dafa to the families of my five daughters. I gave them Zhuan Falun and exercise tapes. All of them benefited tremendously.

After the persecution began in July 1999, every day, I worked together with my second daughter to clarify the truth and save people. I told anyone who came to my house about Dafa and helped them to quit the CCP. I go to the markets every morning to clarify the truth. Every day, I help about twelve people renounce their membership in the CCP. I've even helped government officials from all levels and in different departments to quit the CCP.

When my husband passed away in 2014, I got more than 50 people to quit the CCP while taking his body back to our hometown to be buried. During a relative’s birthday celebration, I persuaded two dozen people to quit the CCP.

Although I cannot see their faces, I have great compassion for people and I try to save them. I seldom meet people who refuse to break ties with the CCP nor have I met anyone who reported me to the police. I am able to walk on my cultivation path smoothly all because Master is looking after me.

My Family Benefits from My Practice
Since I began practicing Falun Dafa I enjoyed good health. I never had to take medicine, saving my children from having to pay medical fees. All my children treat me well and they received blessings from Dafa.

My oldest daughter was promoted to a director-level position because of her honest character. Her children attend universities overseas. My second daughter has been practicing Dafa for over 20 years too. Her children are outstanding as well. My third daughter is a manager in a company. Her daughter found a job after finishing post-graduate studies. My fourth daughter is a doctor and her son is studying at a university in Beijing. My youngest daughter is now a section chief and recently began to practice Dafa.

All my daughter’s families get along well and their children lead a good life. All of our blessings come from Dafa!

Falun Dafa is indeed a virtuous cultivation practice. Think about it, a blind old woman like me who is nearly 90 years old is able to live healthily, isn’t this proof of how extraordinary Dafa is? I hope everyone in the world can learn about Falun Dafa and be blessed by Dafa.

* * *

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