France: Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference Inspires Practitioners to Be More Diligent

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The 2021 Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in France was held on September 12 in the Paris Convention Center (Palais des Congrès de Paris). Practitioners from France, the U.S., Germany, Finland, Belgium, and the Netherlands traveled to Paris to participate in the annual event.

2021 Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in France

Seventeen practitioners talked about their cultivation experiences at work, in their communities, and with their families. They thanked Master Li Hongzhi (Falun Dafa’s founder) for guiding and protecting them while they overcame difficulties and said that his compassion inspired their righteous thoughts at crucial moments. Many practitioners were moved to tears as they listened and said they were inspired to do better in their own cultivation.

Presenting Falun Dafa’s Principles in the Classroom

Laurence introduced her young students to Falun Dafa’s principles as part of her curriculum.

As an elementary school teacher, Laurence tells her young students to be Truthful, Compassionate, and Tolerant. She began practicing Falun Dafa seven years ago and believes it is important to plant the seeds of good values in children while they are young.

The parents of one of her students told her that their family has been living by the universal principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Sometimes when they didn’t follow the principles, their child would remind them. Laurence was very touched.

“I realized that when I consistently did what I should do, my students began to resolve their own conflicts with kindness. This encouraged my coworkers to teach their students the same way I do,” she said.

Laurence’s students used to argue and fight a lot. Now they resolve their differences on their own, and she’s noticed that fewer and fewer students come to her to tattle on each other at recess. She even heard one student tell another, “Let’s not go to the teacher. We can settle this ourselves.” That really made her day.

The school administration accepts how Laurence has incorporated the principles of Falun Dafa into her teaching. Now teachers from other grades use Falun Dafa’s teachings as part of their curriculum. The school approved a three-year proposal to improve the campus atmosphere and people’s physical and mental health using Falun Dafa’s principles. She believes that her coworkers will naturally incorporate Falun Dafa into their teaching proposals.

Through word of mouth, many families know that Laurence teaches her students to meditate and it has become part of what goes on in her classroom.

Growing Alongside French NTD

Ms. Huang works at French NTD Television.

Ms. Huang helps coordinate French NTD (New Tang Dynasty) television programs. When NTD was first launched, it published five short videos a week. Three months later it launched its third program. Many practitioners contacted her asking to join the team. The team began to grow quickly.

The television launched a news program in French in November 2020 and the number of viewers grew exponentially. This marked a turning point for the company and she thanked Master Li for his compassionate arrangement.

“We should not limit ourselves and believe that we can only do so much,” she said. “NTD went from a 3-minute video each day to 15 minutes, then to half an hour, and now a full hour. And each time, I thought that I had reached my limit. Looking back I believe that we could have done more and done it better. In the process, I realized that each step we took helped lay the foundation for the future. Master arranged every step and each thing is connected to the next. Never ignore suggestions from fellow practitioners because they may well be Master’s hints and could play a decisive role,” she said.

Rectifying Oneself in a Degenerate Society

Robin speaks at the conference.

Five years ago Robin decided to practice Falun Dafa. He is 22 now and has studied in different cities. Wherever he goes, he tells his family, friends, classmates, and people he meets on the street about the persecution of Falun Dafa. “At first I didn’t give everyone I met information about Falun Dafa. It wasn’t easy to gather my courage to do this,” he said. He repeatedly asked Master to give the people he missed another opportunity to hear the truth.

As a young man, he follows the principles of Falun Dafa in his interactions with women and treats them with respect.

Overcoming Difficulties with Master’s Help

Ms. He speaks at the conference.

Ms. He was 9 years old when she began to practice Falun Dafa with her mother. She is now 33. Thanks to Master’s protection while growing up, she experienced miracles and was able to accomplish difficult tasks. For example, when her residency in France was about to expire, it was unexpectedly extended 10 years. A world-famous designer’s clothing company hired her even though she hadn’t sent in a resume. She gives her best in everything she does to thank Master for his help.

When Shen Yun came to France, she went to high-end stores all over Paris and asked them to put up the promotion posters. The shop owners gladly agreed because her intention was pure.

After the coronavirus broke out, she made calls to China to expose the true nature of the Party and help the Chinese people quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Every day she was able to help a number of people quit. Some asked her for Falun Dafa books and information on how to cultivate.

She custom-made a DVD with content targeting their misunderstandings about Falun Dafa for her in-laws. Almost all of them accepted the information and stayed healthy during the pandemic.

Saving More People

Thuy Anh speaks at the conference.

Thuy Anh from Vietnam began practicing Falun Dafa two years ago. She feels Dafa’s principles are now part of her and have changed her views on life. “After I became a practitioner, I learned to always look at people’s good qualities.” Now, whenever she has conflicts with other tenants where she lives, she resolves the issue with compassion.

To create opportunities to meet and clarify the truth to people, she opened a tea house called Truth Tea. People who come to the tea house get to enjoy free cups of tea while Thuy Anh tells them about Falun Dafa.

A young woman who came to the tea house complained about her job. By chatting with her, Thuy Anh saw that she had a strong desire to force her own ideas on others. Thuy Anh shared some of her understandings based on Falun Dafa’s principles. The woman finally saw her shortcomings but said that she still couldn’t control her anger.

Thuy Anh asked, “I have a way to cheer you up. Would you like to hear it?” When she said yes, Thuy Anh told her about Falun Dafa’s principles and how she benefited from the practice. The woman listened intently. Then they listened to a part of Master’s lecture together. The woman was touched and had tears in her eyes. The next day the woman sent Thuy Anh a message saying that she felt a weight had been lifted off her shoulders and she was able to remain calm at work.

The conference ended at 6 p.m. Many practitioners said they benefited greatly from what they heard and encouraged one another to cultivate diligently.

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