Slovakia: Miracles Brought By “Nine True Words”

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Since the Covid-19 epidemic broke out nearly two years ago, it has infected over 270 million people with a death toll of more than 5 million. To help people stay safe or recover from the disease, Falun Dafa practitioners have been advising people to recite the “nine true words,” namely, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good.” Many have experienced miracles by reciting the nine true words. Among them is Susan, who currently lives in Slovakia.

Originally from Hong Kong, Susan followed her husband to Slovakia two years ago. Since the pandemic started, she has been telling others about Falun Dafa and her experiences. She said, “The nine true words have really helped people stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. After I started practicing Falun Dafa, many around me, including my relatives and friends, have benefited from the practice as well.” She recounted her story when interviewed by a Minghui reporter.

Susan and her two children

Nine True Words
Not long after Susan and her family settled down in Slovakia in late 2020, her sister-in-law said her friend had been exposed to Covid-19 patients and needed to stay at home for self-quarantine. Upon learning that the friend felt very stressed and worried, Susan recorded herself reciting the nine true words and asked her sister-in-law to pass the audio to the friend.

The friend was receptive and recited the nine true words more than ten times each day. Her Covid test result later came out negative.

After the friend’s son returned home in October 2021, he felt ill and tested positive for the coronavirus. His sibling and father were also infected, but not his mother, who had remembered to recite the nine true words.

When asked how this happened, Susan explained the divinely inspired traditional Chinese culture. That is, anyone who supports the upright and the innocent would receive blessings.

Susan’s sister-in-law had a few other friends who were gravely ill after being infected with the coronavirus. Susan suggested that she let them know about the nine true words too.

A Happy Family
Susan’s husband is Slovakian. Having heard about the suppression of Falun Dafa in mainland China, he was initially a little concerned when Susan told others about the practice when dining with others or during social gatherings. But he was impressed with the changes he saw in Susan and incidents such as the one mentioned above. As a result, he often helped Susan translate when she talked to others about Falun Dafa or clarified the facts himself.

Recently, his company required everyone to get vaccinated. Seeing some coworkers experiencing discomfort after getting the second shot, he took two days off work, anticipating an adverse reaction. However, he did not experience any discomfort after getting the shot. Surprised by this, he told Susan, “I think it must be your Falun Dafa practice that helped me.”

Their two sons also benefited from Falun Dafa. Many classes had to quarantine due to positive cases, but the classes of Susan’s two boys had no positive cases and everyone was able to still do in-person school. When asked why they were so fortunate, Susan and her children said it was because they all practiced Falun Dafa.

Besides her family, Susan also shared the practice with friends. One of her friends got pregnant again after having two miscarriages. She was very nervous. Susan talked about her own experience and suggested that she recite the nine true words.

The friend accepted Susan’s advice and later delivered a healthy baby.

Becoming a Practitioner
Her friend’s story often reminded Susan of her experience. Her first-born son developed eczema when he was only a few months old. He had reddish and swelling skin. It was coarse and itchy all over his body. Sometimes there was even bloody pus oozing out. After visiting numerous doctors, including Chinese and western medicine doctors, Susan still could not find a cure for her son. The baby was crying in pain, and she was in tears too, wondering why life was so miserable.

When Susan told a coworker about this, the coworker suggested that she give Falun Dafa a try. It was summer 2007 at the time and Susan started practicing Falun Dafa and reciting the nine true words to her then-18-month-old son every day. The boy’s condition improved and he was able to sleep well.

The baby began to talk when he was two and his first sentence was the nine true words. Miraculously, his skin has improved since then, fine and smooth like a newborn. Susan was thrilled with the change and her family was happier than ever.

Susan practices in a park introducing the practice to the public.

Mind and Body Improvement
Like her older son, Susan also found the practice very helpful for herself.

After delivering her older son through C-section, she found red and swollen granulation growing at the surgical suture, which was painful and itchy. She tried medication for over a year, but it did not go away. Another discomfort was that due to falling and an injury from roller skating at a young age, she often had pain in her lower back, which would become worse on bad weather days. As a result, Susan could not sit long or sit on hard or cold surfaces. When sitting down for group study or group exercise, she always had a mat. At home, she would sit on a mattress.

About three months after Susan began to practice, another practitioner suggested that she sit on the floor directly. She tried and there was surprisingly no pain. “I have recovered from this!” Her heart was filled with joy.

Not only that, the red and swollen granulation at the surgical site also disappeared, with only a thin line left. She was very happy.

Similar to the physical improvement, Susan said the practice made her very calm and peaceful, something she had never experienced before. In the past, she was often drinking, smoking, and gambling. After she took up Falun Dafa, she knew those were bad habits and soon quit them without any trouble.

Gradually, Susan also learned to be selfless and always considerate of others.

Workplace and Family Life
As a practitioner, Susan knew she needed to apply the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance wherever she is, including her workplace and daily life.

Hong Kong is well known for its fast pace. Susan’s boss, in particular, had a hot temper. This made his employees very nervous, but they were still yelled at from time to time.

This was difficult for Susan in the past and sometimes she needed to take a deep breath to calm herself down. After becoming a practitioner, she tried to put herself in her boss’ shoes. After all, he was facing lots of pressure and very often he was mad at himself instead of the employees.

Realizing this, whenever the boss had a bad temper, Susan would look within first to see where she could improve. “This was unimaginable prior to my practicing Falun Dafa,” she recalled. In addition, her boss also noticed the change. He not only supported her belief, but also helped her raise awareness of the persecution in mainland China.

A similar situation happened in her family life. Due to different cultural backgrounds, Susan knew her husband tended to act on his own instead of listening to her advice. While she tried to refrain from telling her husband what to do, her dissatisfaction would often build up to the point that she exploded to vent her anger.

After becoming a Falun Dafa practitioner, Susan learned that nothing was accidental and unhappiness in life was rooted in karmic debts. After that, she learned to be open-minded and forgiving. Her improvement earned respect from her husband – he supports Susan and their two sons practicing Dafa and bought flowers to thank Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa.

Susan and her sons doing the sitting meditation of Falun Dafa

Others Also Benefit from Her Practice
Having experienced the magical power of Falun Dafa herself, Susan often advised others to recite the nine true words. Once her coworker back in Hong Kong had fibroma in her stomach, and Susan told her about the nine true words. The coworker followed her advice to recite the words and the pain disappeared.

Susan’s father also benefited from the nine true words. The two of them had a strained relationship since Susan was a child, because her father had always been extremely strict with her. The tense relationship continued until Susan became a practitioner. She realized what happened between her father and her was a result of karmic debts, so she no longer resented him. She started to treat him with compassion and her relationship with him gradually improved.

As a heavy smoker, her father often paid little attention to his eating habits. Later on, he was diagnosed with pneumonia with a tumor in the lung. Because it was too close to the blood vessel, the doctor advised against surgery since there was an 80% chance that he could not survive the operation. When discussing electrotherapy and chemotherapy, the doctor found that he had a low white blood count. In the end, no therapy could be offered.

Seeing her father sent back home and waiting for death miserably, Susan talked with him about Falun Dafa and read him the teachings in Zhuan Falun. She also taught him to recite the nine true words. His bad temper was gone and he felt energetic. A follow-up CT examination showed the tumor was gone. Upon recovery, however, he went back to his old lifestyle. Nonetheless, his life was extended by five years and he later passed away with acute respiratory failure.

* * *

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