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The Falun Dafa practitioners in China who are being detained, jailed, tortured, beaten and murdered are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, the friend at work, and the old friend from school or university. For many practitioners living outside China, the persecution in China is not simply an issue of upholding human rights, upholding a principle, appealing for justice or of saving innocent people – it is a very real issue of rescuing close friends and family in China who have become victims of the most terrifying persecution. Whether it be the story of a UK practitioner’s missing fiancée, the two sisters of an Irish practitioner detained in a labour camp, or a German resident’s 60 year-old mother forced to become homeless by the regime’s persecution, these and the many other tragic cases are a small reflection of what is a daily reality for tens if not hundreds of thousands of people in China. These cases bring us into closer contact with the massive human cost of this persecution. We can more closely feel the daily suffering and anguish of hundreds of thousands of individuals and their friends and families who have become victims of the persecution.

More and more practitioners around the world have started campaigns to rescue their persecuted family and friends in China. Through these cases, the realities of the persecution have really been brought home to many people around the world, as these sad stories have genuinely touched people’s hearts and prompted their kind support. These cases not only serve as poignant examples of the persecution, but also offer genuine opportunities for us to truly make a difference and to rescue people from the most appalling suffering and violations of human rights. Experience has shown that the regime in China does respond to pressure from governments and public overseas in individual cases such as these. Many friends and family members have been successfully rescued following campaigns. These cases are a chance for the international community and governments to show their condemnation of the persecution and their support for Falun Gong practitioners, and to fulfil their moral obligation to rescue these innocent victims out of China.

There are many Friends and Family Rescue Campaigns in Europe. To learn more about them, please see

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