Sweden: Dafa Practitioners Continue to Send Righteous Thoughts Every Hour to Support the Global Lawsuits Against Jiang

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Since early June, Swedish Dafa practitioners have gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm, in all kinds of weather, to send forth righteous thoughts. They have distributed leaflets to passers-by and those who drive by and stop to ask for information. They have also told people about the importance of the global lawsuits against Jiang, and that it is the will of the people that will send Jiang to face trial in the International Criminal Court.

A lot of kind hearted people who heard the truth said, “You have done the right thing. There should be justice in this world. No one is above the law. We all support you.” Numerous cars blew their horns to show their support after seeing Dafa practitioners continuing to appeal in the rain. They also gave the thumbs up sign to express their support.

Dafa practitioners deeply believe that the good, kind-hearted people of the world will deeply benefit from the global lawsuits and from supporting justice and goodness in the world.

Translated from Chinese at http://yuanming.net/articles/200306/21554.html

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