Germany: Dafa Practitioners in Dortmund Collect Signatures and Tell People the Facts to Support the Lawsuits Against Jiang

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On 14th June 2003, we held an activity to collect signatures in support of the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin and to help in the efforts to rescue our family members who are being persecuted and incarcerated in China. This activity took place in the pedestrian zone of Dortmund city centre. We hung banners and displayed information boards to introduce Dafa and tell people more about the persecution and the lawsuit. Dafa practitioners from nearby cities demonstrated the exercises and distributed leaflets to passers-by.

Many people gathered around the booth on that day. The exercise demonstrations attracted their attention, and the atmosphere of “Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance” had a good effect on them. Many people did not just casually observe the activity, but seriously spent time reading the display boards. They voluntarily came to sign their names, and asked practitioners inquisitive questions. We all felt that they had established a good foundation for their future. When we opened our eyes after sending forth righteous thoughts, we found that lots of people were around the signature book. As we waited silently for their signatures, we could feel deeply the greatness and magnificence of the Fa, awakening the righteous thoughts of all these kind-hearted people.

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