Taiwan: Falun Gong Activities at Taiwan Pengfeng Tea Festival

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The annual Pengfeng Festival was held on July 12 and 13 in Beipu Township Tsinchu County. Beipu, a beautiful village, is also known as "paradise of north Taiwan". It has a unique tea called "Oriental Beauty" or "Pengfeng Tea" that is famous both in China and overseas. Recent years, it becomes a popular resort area and a lot of people from all over Taiwan visit this village during the festival.

Dr. Huang Yuqi is giving a lecture
Engineer Shi Xuejin is giving a lecture about archaeological discoveries

Audiences are listening carefully to the lectures

Many Falun Gong practitioners from other areas came to help with the local practitioners to promote Dafa at the festival. After careful design and set up, the booth looked like a small picture show. There were pictures on the walls and in front of the booth. Bright banners above the booth and various Dafa flags decorated the booth extremely colourful.

People are watching Falun Gong exercises demonstration
People eager to sign their names to support the "Against Article 23" campaign

The first day activity included collecting signatures support the Global Against Article 23 Campaign and distributing truth-clarifying materials. After one day of collecting, many pieces of clothes were full of signatures. Many people also joyfully watched practitioners' exercises demonstration for a long time.

During the second day, two lectures were arranged. In the morning, Dr. Huang Yuqi from Taiwan University Pathology Research Centre titled "Compassionate mindset improves body health". Ms. Huang illustrated that if a person has a compassionate heart, it will make the mood stable, improve relationships with others, improve the health of body cells, and that the resulting good energy generated can make people and matter in the environment get better. She also introduced the "Compassion" principle in Falun Dafa.

In the afternoon, Mr. Shi Xuejing from Engineering Mechanics Centre of Taiwan University gave a lecture titled "Uncover the mask of prehistoric civilisation". Before the lecture started, many people discussed in earnest while watching the pictures. After the lecture started, so many people were in attendance that many had to stand outside the room. Mr. Shi used a projector and explained many discoveries in archaeology. The discoveries prove that prehistoric civilisations existed, but the archaeologists who discovered them were forced not to speak out the truth, or their discoveries would not have been accepted by society. He said it was like Falun Gong in China. It benefited millions of people but was brutally persecuted because it persists the truth. Certainly we know the truth is always truth that it can't be covered by lies forever.

There were many moving stories at the signature collection table. Many people took the initiative to come and sign their names to express their opposition to Hong Kong Article 23 legislation. One man signed his name and spoke to us loudly, "You are great! I support you. They (Hong Kong) government will never make it. They can't legislate the law. China (Jiang's Regime) is ridiculous to treat Falun Gong like today. It will not last long..." He repeated many times, "Please be sure, it will not last long."

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