610 Head Luo Gan faces Legal Action in Iceland

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Breaking News

Report from Activities during Chinese Criminal Luo Gan’s Visit to Iceland

Iceland Media Show Great Interest In Lawsuit Launched Against Head of 610 Office

EFGIC: Criminal Lawsuit Filed in Iceland Charging Head of Gestapo-like Agency in China with Crimes of Torture, Genocide

Comprehensive Report: Luo Gan Charged With Torture and Genocide in Iceland; International Media Pays Attention

Amnesty International Protest Luo Gan's Visit to Reykjavik

Media Attention

AFP: Icelandic Lawsuit accuses Top Chinese Leader of Torture and Genocide

Iceland radio Station reports on Lawsuit launched against Luo Gan

"Frettabladid" (Icelandic newspaper): Discussing Human Rights with Luo

Icelandic Review: Luo Gan Protest

Radio France Internationale (RFI): Falun Gong Practitioners sue Luo Gan in Iceland

Excerpts from Evening News Report on Iceland’s TV Channel 1

Article from Icelandic Newspaper "Frettabladid": The Fourth Lawsuit against Luo Gan - Ready to Detain and Investigate

Article from Icelandic newspaper “Morgunbladid”: Organisations and Individuals Press Charges against Luo Gan

"Iceland Review" Reports on Protests against Luo Gan

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