Germany: Picture Exhibition in front of the Presidential Palace details Jiang Zemin’s Crimes of Genocide

September 9th 2003 was the day when the German president visited China. It was also the day when students from all over Germany who performed well in their examinations were invited to the Presidential Palace. This gave practitioners the opportunity to reveal the extent of the persecution in China and tell more people about the genocide lawsuits against Jiang.

An old policeman who was working at the Presidential Palace congratulated practitioners on the quality of their flyer. Many people had a clear understanding of Jiang’s crimes. There were some other policemen who asked, “What exactly is Falun Gong? Why does China persecute it so cruelly?” After practitioners chatted with them for a while, they were grateful. When they were off duty, the same policemen requested written material from the practitioners.

One practitioner, who often distributes flyers, said that the speed at which people took the flyers was very fast. Many of the people that passed by looked at the whole poster exhibition before asking for Dafa materials. There were also many Chinese tourists who saw the posters exposing Jiang’s crimes.

There is a bus station near the Presidential Palace. Some people even missed their bus because they were looking at the practitioners' poster exhibition for over half an hour. At the same time, thirty more posters were displayed across the street, portraying the urgency with which this brutal persecution must end. This suppression is without precedent in history and has led to the death of more than 780 innocent people because they believe in Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance. On top of this, 100,000 have been illegally detained in labour camps. All of this has happened simply because they demanded a high moral standard from themselves. Persecuting people for trying to be good people is ruining human beings’ basic moral standard. One German person said, “I only needed to see two posters before I decided to sign my name.”

Practitioners handed in petition forms to the office of the Presidential Palace, filled with approximately 2,000 signatures collected over the past four weeks. They also handed in a copy of these signatures bound as a booklet, so that the President could read through and listen to the heart of the German public. On the petition form, there were photos of eight persecuted Falun Gong practitioners and up-to-date information about the persecution. In addition to an urgent letter of appeal to the President, practitioners also handed in the current addresses and relevant telephone numbers of the locations where Falun Gong practitioners Chen Xiao-Zhu and Yu Hong-li are being illegally detained.

It was gone six o’clock before the poster display finished and practitioners had a chance to tidy up the location. At this time, a government official in charge of Internal Affairs at the Presidential Palace came to tell practitioners that President Rau’s plane has just taken off on the way to China. He said that the President will give a speech specifically focusing on human rights issues at Nanjing University. He also said not to worry because the President will highlight the issue of human rights, and that he came to tell practitioners this after seeing the two banners that were displayed.

The two banners had the following written on them in English and German: “An Urgent Appeal to Each Country and the Media to Immediately Stop China’s Persecution of Falun Gong practitioners” and “The World needs Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance”.

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