Germany: The Demand for Multi-Lingual Dafa Leaflets exceeds the Supply

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After practitioners held a picture exhibition exposing Jiang’s crimes of genocide in front of the President’s office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Parliament, they then moved the exhibition to the front of the German parliament building. The result was that the demand for leaflets in twenty different languages exceeded the supply.

A television station filmed practitioners for a long time; tourists from Mainland China readily accepted truth-clarifying materials, and were extremely surprised to see Falun Dafa banners; an elderly gentleman persisted in trying to obtain the exercise videotape, saying, “I’m sure it is definitely good, I am determined to learn.” The leaflets, in twenty different languages, were soon completely gone.

Seeing so many signatures on the petition sheet, a lot of German citizens asked, “Haven’t human rights improved in the Republic of China?” After learning that two out of eight Dafa practitioners have recently been arrested in China just because they want to be good people and believe that the world needs “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance”, people signed the petition without hesitation.

After reading practitioners’ appeal letter, the German government made an exception to the rules and granted their application to appeal for three days. Practitioners handed Mr. Wolfgang Thierse, the Chairman of the Federal Parliament, copies of a signed petition letter during the Wagner Opera Festival concerning the appeal to rescue Falun Gong practitioners and representing the righteous wish of people from mainstream society. That day happened to be the first day of a conference meeting for all of the members of the Federal Parliament. A lot of reporters parked their cars only five metres away from the Falun Dafa picture exhibition. There were also many tourists from all over the world visiting at that time.

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