Germany: Picture Exhibition Exposing Jiang's Crimes of Genocide at Tourist Spots

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On September the 20th and the 21st 2003, Dafa practitioners in Germany held a photo exhibition in front of the famous Kölner Cathedral to expose the brutal persecution that Jiang Zemin has imposed on Falun Gong practitioners over the past four years.

There were a lot of Chinese people visiting the spot. Even though they did not dare to accept Dafa materials, they looked at the display. Some Chinese visitors did not agree with what they saw in the exhibition at the beginning, but they all stopped to look at the various means of tortures, and the picture taken of practitioners who were cruelly tortured and killed.

People were shocked: How could this be happening in China? The reason for the persecution is simply because so many Falun Gong practitioners were trying to be good people. One after another, the Chinese visitors started to sign their names on a signature collection book that is being used to bring Jiang to justice and to rescue Xiong Wei, a German practitioner currently being illegally detained in China.

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