UK: Scottish Dafa Practitioners participate in the Glasgow Peace Festival (Part 1)

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On the 27th of September, Scottish Dafa practitioners participated in the Spiritual Aid Peace Festival in the city of Glasgow. The main purpose of this festival was to support World Peace. The festival opened with a demonstration of the Falun Dafa exercises. The practitioner’s displayed the graceful, slow movements with peaceful and compassionate demeanours. At the same time, a western practitioner provided a voiceover letting the audience know more about Falun Gong. As a result of the practitioners’ performance, the director invited the practitioners to take to the stage again and demonstrate the exercises as the final performance of the day.

The event organiser had arranged for practitioners to teach the exercises to children that were at the festival. Looking at the children’s earnest and innocent appearance, the organiser and many passers-by also came and joined in learning the exercises. An eight-year-old boy pulled at his grandmother so that he could go over to the display and ask about the location of the nearest exercise practice site. He said to his grandmother: “This is the best!”

When the day’s activities came to an end, the organiser congratulated practitioners on their successful performance and also invited them to participate in the Peace Festival’s closing performance two days later.

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