France: Practitioners hold a Solemn Public Trial of Jiang Zemin

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On Sunday the 28th of September in the centre of Paris, Falun Gong practitioners acted out a public trial of the criminal Jiang Zemin. Next to the trial, there were also members of the Chinese community holding a “Sue Jiang Society” meeting. A lot of Chinese people participated in the activity and expressed a wish that by working together, everyone can bring Jiang to trial.

A journalist from Angers came to interview some practitioners and also participated in the entire trial of Jiang in the court of morality and justice. Lots of people watched the activity. During the trial, people could hear Chinese people laughing at the cartoon drawings of Jiang. This shows that Chinese people do not respect Jiang in their hearts. It is not just Falun Gong practitioners that he has brutally persecuted. Through this trial, people also came to realise the seriousness of this persecution.

Two ways speeches were given and people had a good chance to learn the truth about Falun Gong and the persecutory tactics of the Jiang regime. One of the speeches was by the wife of a Chinese policeman who works in the “610” office and the other was from the Mayor of Martinique, who received pressure from the Chinese government because he supports Falun Gong. All parts of this public trial reminded people that Jiang has made a lot of Chinese people suffer, killed their families and used terrible persecution and evil lies to trick them.

Practitioners who organised the trial had already decided to perform it in different parts of Paris. This is also a way to explain the facts in more depth about Jiang’s crimes and the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

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