How Did I Become Homeless?

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By a practitioner in China

I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner from Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. This year I will be 60 years old. After July 1999, the vicious partnership of Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan fabricated false charges against Falun Gong, brazenly cheating people and inhumanly persecuting practitioners across the county. Since then, the whole county has been in a state of terror. More notably, the persecution has caused death to hundreds and homelessness for thousands.

Because I used to work in a school, the educational committee in my district tricked me into going to their brainwashing class; they tried to make me to give up my belief in Falun Dafa. Two weeks later, when they discovered that their brainwashing was useless, they sent me back to my school to put me under house arrest. During the daytime, the school personnel kept a close watch on me. At night, the officials ranking higher than the director came to watch over me; they followed me everywhere, no matter whether I went to dinner or to the restroom. I was forbidden to practise Falun Gong or go home to my family. In actuality, they had deprived me of all my freedoms--what a human being should have. Every day, they made a false record to report to their superiors. They were also forced to write about my so-called "progress" in the brainwashing process. However, I never cooperated with them at any time and they were soon at their wits end. After I was illegally held for 26 days, they had to release me, unconditionally.

In 1999, I went to appeal in Beijing. Although I had hoped to exercise my fundamental rights as a citizen by reporting the truth of Falun Gong to the authorities, and tell them that Falun Dafa is good, they refused to listen to me and detained me in the liaison office of my province in Beijing. They informed me that the head of my school and the local police station intended to take me back. As a citizen of their country, it is my fundamental right to appeal to the authorities. So to which law should I be extradited like a criminal?

Because I appealed, Tong Jiping (the head of my school), a man with the surname Liu, and Liu Xiangdong, a policeman from the local police station, flew to Beijing in order to bring me back. While they were there, they stayed in luxurious hotels and played around in Beijing--all at the expense of my family (who they assumed would pay).

Later on, when I was imprisoned in the Harbin second detention centre, a warden named Zuo Miao found me teaching a prisoner how to practise Falun Gong while doing sanitation duty. Seeing this, Zuo violently swore at me and physically punished me for more than two hours that afternoon, until my cell warden intervened. I wasn't released until I had been illegally imprisoned for 35 days (which had exceeded my originally planned detention time). When my family came to take me home, a man with the surname Song from the Daoli District Education Committee forced my family to pay a deposit of 5,000 Yuan before he signed the release documents. All together, they extorted some ten thousand Yuan from my family, which caused them tremendous difficulty. I was treated so unfairly only because I wanted to say a fair word to the government. How could you talk about human rights in China? And where is our country's law and justice?

That year in July I went to Beijing again to appeal. When I arrived, I was taken to the Qianmen Police Station because I displayed a Falun Gong banner in Tiananmen Square. That evening I was sent to a police station in Tongzhou where the vicious policemen put me in an iron cage and forced me to squat on the wet cement ground the whole night. They interrogated me the second day, trying to find out my name and address. Because I refused to tell them, they beat me and smashed my head violently against the wall. I would rather have died than tell them anything, so they imprisoned me for 2 days and transferred me to Langfang.

The police in Langfang handcuffed me, forced me into a police vehicle, and then took me to Xianghe security bureau. Later on, I was sent back to Harbin and jailed in the second detention center again. It was through the help of my relatives and friends that I stepped out of the hell-like prison 10 days later.

Before the 2000 Spring Festival, 5 evil policemen from Zhenyanghe Police Station came to my home. They forcefully ransacked my house and took me to the police station. Zhuang Zhiming, Liu Xiangdong, and some other vicious policemen also threatened to imprison me if I refused to tell them where the Falun Dafa materials were from. I refused to cooperate. After I was entangled there for 7 hours, they suddenly released me without reason.

It was 3am by the time I got home and I hadn't been asleep for very long before a phone call came from the education committee to wake me up. They informed me that I must report to another brainwashing class later that day. I thought that I shouldn't be taken away by the evil again, so I left home and have been homeless ever since.

I'd like to ask some questions here: Who brought such a disaster to us--the kindhearted practitioners? And who wants to push human beings to the abyss of death? It is the vicious gang headed by Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan that has been fabricating, framing, and cheating people. All their propaganda, such as their statement to the world of, "The Best Period of Human Rights in China," or "Representing the Fundamental Interests of the People," etc., are nothing but a bunch of lies used to cheat people around the world.

We would like to appeal to human rights organizations, the governments of all the countries in the world, mass organizations, and all kind people to offer help to Falun Gong practitioners in China. We should make a concerned effort to stop the terrorism Jiang and his gang performs against Falun Gong practitioners. Stop persecuting and killing Falun Gong practitioners! Disband the evil "6-10" Office! And help punish the murderers and evildoers according to the law.


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