Poem: The Poet’s Heart

Words unfolding, thoughts traversing the heavens,
Fashioned into flight until wings
Come to rest upon a poet’s heart…
To beckon truth, weave compassion into every page
So others too may bear witness to that
Which alights the quill and more!

“Read between the lines, behind the words” he asks…
there poetry resides!
It takes him by heart and hand to heighten, deepen us to eternity.
From there it proceeds and to there it returns,
Passing through the wonders of creation itself!

The poet is born from such realms.
Sensing home far beyond any known firmament,
near to his heart as the hallowed word can
Unfolding, here the infinite summons the poet’s timeless journey…

October 28, 2003
(Dedicated to all those practitioners who have been poetically inspired through their cultivation in Falun Dafa).

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