UK: Scottish MPs Sign a Petition to Support Bringing Jiang to Justice and Rescuing Practitioners’ Persecuted Friends and Family

Lately, practitioners have received the signatures of several Scottish MPs on a petition of support to bring Jiang to justice and to rescue Falun Gong practitioners’ persecuted friends and family members.

One Scottish MP wrote: “We are very aware of the campaign of persecution that has been undertaken against Falun Gong practitioners in China. As a party we have openly voiced our deep concern regarding this, and other reports of Human Rights abuse. The next government will again co-sponsor a resolution of the UN commission on Human Rights. This will allow the United Nations to properly scrutinise the Chinese governments Human Rights record.”

Another Scottish MP said: “This sort of barbaric practice has to stop, you cannot attack and torture people for exercising their belief in freedom, democracy and justice to speak for those who cannot.”

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