Dafa Practitioner Ms. Zhou Liangzhu Dies as Result of Torture at Maojiashan Female Labour Camp

Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhou Liangzhu was a 60-year-old engineer who lived in Chongqing City. She was twice detained at the Maojiashan Female Labour Camp in Chongqing City because she persisted in clarifying the truth about Dafa and exposing the evil persecution. She was transferred to other detention centres and a brainwashing class, during which time she was brutally tortured. She passed away at home on October 17, 2003.

Since July 20, 1999 she had persisted in Dafa practice and truth clarification. She went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa in September 1999, and was arrested and taken back by the local police. She was subsequently detained at the Banan District Detention Centre for one month.

On July 20, 2000, Zhou Liangzhu went to the home of another Dafa practitioner and was turned in. The lawless authorities from Nanan District "610 Office," Banan District "610 Office" and from the 607 Geological Team abducted her and sent her to the Maojiashan Female Labour Camp, where she was illegally detained for one year and three months.

The guards savagely tortured Zhou Liangzhu during her detention. On October 30, 2001, when Zhou Liangzhu was released, she was extremely weak. Immediately after her release, she was directly sent to a brainwashing class by the perpetrators from the Banan District "610 Office." Zhou Liangzhu refused to cooperate and held a hunger strike for three days. The police were afraid Zhou Liangzhu might die so they released her. After she returned home, Zhou Liangzhu had blood in her stool and was extremely weak.

Even in this dire circumstance, Zhou Liangzhu persisted in clarifying the truth. One day, the head of security section from her work unit reported her while she was clarifying the truth to people. On October 2, 2002, the people from Banan District "610 Office" and from the Nanquan Police Station illegally arrested Zhou Liangzhu and sent her to the Nanquan Police Station. Zhou Liangzhu refused to cooperate with the police and resisted the persecution. A police officer fiendishly beat her and hit her over the head. Poor Zhou Liangzhu passed out on the spot. The police officer who tortured Zhou Liangzhu is around 6 ft. tall.

Afterwards, the officials from the Nanquan Police Station sent Zhou Liangzhu to the Maojiashan Female Labour Camp. They had planned to detain her there for three years, but a physical exam at the labour camp discovered that Zhou Liangzhu could barely stand up. Afraid that she might die, the labour camp authorities called the local "610 Office," her work unit and her family to take her home on December 12, 2002. Because the injuries she sustained from the brutal tortures at the camp and at brainwashing class were too severe, sadly Zhou Liangzhu was never able to recover, and passed away at 11:20 p.m. on October 17, 2003.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2003/11/5/60063.html

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