Chinese Public Question Jiang Zemin's Persecution Policy

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Falun Dafa Posters are Seen All Throughout a City in Hebei

[Hebei Province]

Recently in the business district and in the suburb of a city in Hebei province, Falun Dafa posters with phrases such as "Falun Dafa is Good," "Falun Dafa Rectifies Human Hearts," "Falun Dafa Can Not Be Humiliated," "The Propaganda about Falun Dafa on TV and in Newspapers Are All Lies," or "Restore Innocence to Falun Dafa" can be seen everywhere. Practitioners also distributed a lot of truth-clarifying literature to residents in the city.

The emergence of the large amount of literature that clarifies the truth about the cruel persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners has become a popular topic for the residents in that area. Under the terror and despotic power of Jiang Zemin's regime, people are dissatisfied and are indignant towards the state terrorism that Jiang's regime employs to cruelly suppress its people. The popular topics they often talk about are: Why does the government not arrest the bad people, but only arrest the good people? Why do all the Falun Gong practitioners do well in their work unit, family and society? Why is it that the propaganda on TV and in the newspapers does not match the practitioners' actual actions? Why hasn't the suppression achieved much over the last two years? Why is it that nowadays people all pursue fame and self-interests, but the Falun Dafa practitioners steadfastly cultivate "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and always think of others before themselves? Why are these practitioners not afraid of being dismissed from the CCP, or of being fired from their work units, or of being detained, sentenced or of having their lives threatened, but instead they want to validate that their Falun Gong is good? People are gradually awakening.


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