My Experience of Telling the Truth with a Pure Heart

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During the course of telling the truth, there are three cases, which I would like to share with fellow practitioners. I am aware that I have a lot of attachments still and I sincerely welcome comments from fellow practitioners.

1. Once when I was out with fellow practitioners in the town centre, a group of Chinese tourists strolled past us. They looked like a family of three generations. I went up to the middle-aged man and presented him with a Falun Dafa leaflet. He kept his distance and was hesitant whether he should accept it. Looking at me in the eyes, he raised his first question. I explained to him what the Chinese government has been pushing to the people in China is all propaganda; they are also destroying the Chinese culture and fooling the people. Once his doubts about the credibility of Falun Dafa began to diminish, he looked more relaxed and our physical distance drew closer. We began to talk. I used my limited knowledge on Chinese history and related it to the present day situation, on how moral standards have fallen and yet people have not noticed. He agreed silently. I then told him how we benefited from Dafa [the principles of Falun Dafa] and why we come out on to the streets. At this time, his family called for him to go. He looked at them, waved his hand and carried on listening. We talked more around the subject. I noticed he began to smile. His family called for him again from a distance. Now, he seemed reluctant to go. I said to him “ I think your family would like you to join them.” He smiled and said “thank you”, waving the leaflet. We shook hands and bid each other ‘good bye’. I felt really warmed inside.

2. I remember the day when I went to London to pick up the practitioners from our town who went on hunger strike. It was only 72 hours, but it seemed much longer. When I saw them, I thought of the practitioners in China, I was so moved that I just could not control my tears. I realised I should do something constructive rather than sitting there. Soon I composed myself and put my effort into handing out leaflets and asking for signatures. Nearly all the people I approached signed their name after hearing about Falun Dafa and the persecution. I was feeling quite happy when I saw someone coming towards me. He was carrying three or four bags of grocery. I went up to him and asked whether he would be happy to support us. He stopped, looked at me and said sternly ‘no’. I noticed he was well built and much taller than me. He looked solemnly at the Chinese Embassy across the road, full of admiration, and told me how he adores China and is saddened to hear anything that brings disgrace to her. I expressed that I totally agreed with him and that was exactly the reason for our being there. He looked puzzled. The following 10-15 minutes were spent clearing his misconceptions about Falun Dafa. His voice was quite strong. One practitioner started to get concern. He came over, patted me gently and said, “ Don’t argue with him.” I looked at him in amazement and said, “But we are not arguing.” Deep inside, I knew he would understand if he were properly informed. He adjusted the loads in his hands. The bags must have been quite heavy. He was eager to get answers to his questions and that’s why he had not gone away. I had to do my very best. I kept reminding myself that I had to think of ‘Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance’ when I said anything. His tone of voice changed. There was a hint of uncertainty now when he talked of the Chinese government. I noticed he was frowning when he cast his eyes across the road. I reassured him that it is only a handful of people in the government who have caused such calamity in China but we needed the help of the people to restore justice. I told him how Dafa would bring peace not only to China, but also to the world. In the end, he looked down at me with a slightly redden face and a slight embarrassment in his voice, said, “ I cannot sign your petition today. But it does not mean that I do not support you.” I broke out in a bright smile. I reminded him to read ‘The Peaceful Journey’ booklet which he eventually accepted. He replied, “ I am going to read it as soon as I get home.” He shook my hands as we said ‘good bye’ to each other before he headed home in big strides. My heart felt light and was filled with joy.

3.On another occasion, we were again doing our normal Falun Gong activities in town. Just as we were setting up, an Asian man came up and asked what the petition was for. At that moment, I thought to myself “ Wow, the power of Dafa is surely great. People can’t wait to position themselves.” Filled with attachments, I began to tell him what we were doing. Much to my surprise, he began to tell us off for doing something that will destroy the reputation of China. Between another practitioner and myself, we tried to explain but could not edge in sideways. He said he was a lecturer in a nearby university and knew a lot of Chinese students. He was obviously very fond of China and looked very upset. Before we had a chance, he responded to his wife’s call and went away. I was annoyed with myself and felt very sad inside. Since that day, I had been begging for another chance to put things right.

One day, as I was travelling home from Bournemouth after another day at the Liberal Democrat's Party Conference, I was feeling quite low because the day had gone quite uneventfully. The fact that the train was late did not help. Although I kept reminding myself that I must not seek for results, but I just could not get the thought out of my mind. I put the earphones on, closed my eyes and listened to Teacher Li’s lecture. When the tape finished, it was near the end of my train journey. I opened my eyes and saw a familiar figure sitting opposite me across the aisle. He was concentrating on reading a pile of paper. I thought for a while and then remembered he was the person I so wish to see again. I was so excited that I felt myself trembling slightly. There was an element of worry too, worry that he would shout at me again. Realising that I could not talk to him in this state of mind, I immediately started to clear my mind of bad thoughts and bad notions; followed by getting rid of any other negative factors. After we got off the train, I went up to him, asking whether he remembered me. He looked at my badge and said, “ Ah, Falun Gong. Yes, I saw you in town some time ago.” I immediately apologised to him for not having a good manner. He responded by apologizing for being rude. We walked and talked. When we came out through the other side of the station, he was still adamant that the Chinese government could not be doing wrong. I further explained the situation and how Falun Dafa had changed so many people for the better. During the conversation, I acknowledged his passion for China and how important it is for people like himself who have a genuine interest in China to know the truth. I told him how practitioners in China risked losing everything, including their lives, when they go to Tiananmen Square to tell the world that ‘Falun Dafa is good’. He was moved. He said softly, “I don’t know anymore.” At this point, I pulled out the SOS video and some Falun Dafa information. He was very pleased, overwhelmed even, to receive them. We seemed to have forgotten the time but I am sure he would agree that it was probably the best moment of his life.

I discovered after each of these cases, that my heart was indeed pure at the time. I was not thinking of anything but telling the person ‘The Truth’.

UK Falun Dafa practitioner
4th November 2001

* * *

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