Philipphine: Falun Dafa Promotion Activities in Manila

The practitioners in Manila needed help from Taiwan to promote Dafa and set up practice sites, and they needed practitioners who could speak English. I don't speak English, but I thought, "I can say 'Falun Dafa is good', and this shall be enough because I have a pure heart." I believed that by going there, I could meet and help more people. We set out in two groups.

The first time, we went to many places to demonstrate and teach the exercises. The most memorable one was teaching the exercises in a Christian University. Many students came in batches. One man from Burma felt the spinning Falun shortly after starting to learn the exercises. He said that Falun Gong was very good and wanted us to go to his home country to teach the exercises. The president of the University welcomed our visit and invited us to come to the university again next time. He gave his email and home address to us, and said that we could stay in the university next time.

In July, we went to the Philippines again. We set up a practice site in a park. In the daytime, we distributed flyers at tourist sites. There were many people in the park, so I played DVD's and taught the exercises as interested people came up to us.

One morning when we were doing the exercises at the practice site, a few people from Mainland China who were deeply deceived by the lies tore up our display boards and banners. The local practitioner immediately called the police. Back in the hotel, we looked into ourselves. Why did the interference occur? We decided to strengthen our righteous thoughts and cleared away the evil factors. So after that, we decided to send forth righteous thoughts before doing exercises. Next morning, those people came again, but they just looked at us for a while and left. I thought that the pure and righteous environment drove them away. Later, those people appeared again near our hotel. The practitioners kindly greeted them, but their attitude was very bad. I thought they might have some bad intentions to do something at our hotel, so I called the President's advisor.

We understood that we needed to clarify the truth. The local practitioners contacted a human rights organization. We went there and sent forth righteous along the way. Five people from the human rights organization came to the meeting, where they took a lot of notes. I played the DVD, and they understood the situation of Falun Gong being persecuted in China. Later, each practitioner introduced their own experiences of practicing Falun Gong and talked about Falun Gong being framed in China, the staged Tiananmen self-immolation, and Hong Kong's Article 23. I said that I came here because I benefited from Falun Dafa and I had a compassionate heart. I paid my own way to come to the Philippines to let the kind hearted people have a chance to be healthier and better people. We taught the exercises totally for free, but our activity was disrupted by some hooligans. They said that if such thing happened again, they would take immediate action. The Philippines is a freedom and democratic country, and it will not allow anyone to violate people's human rights. In the end, we sang the song "Falun Dafa is Good" for them and thanked them for their support. They wanted us to demonstrate the exercises. After we did so, they liked it very much and wanted to learn. I understood that every time the evil persecuted us, it created an opportunity for us to clarify the truth and let more people learn the truth.

In the following days, we went to Christian churches to teach the exercises and every time, 20 to 30 people came to learn. We went to the Taiwan Industrial and Commercial Association and the Women's Association. There were more than ten new practitioners at our practice site. When we left, we gave the tapes and CDs to the new practitioners.

The weather was very hot during the time we were there. We did the exercises outdoors and we had painful sunburns. We ate very little but we studied Fa every night [Teachings and principles of Falun Gong contained in the book Zhuan Falun]. Even though the conditions were less than ideal, all of us felt great and full of energy.

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