Germany: A Special Worship Ceremony in the Nikolai Cathedral of Leipzig

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In eastern Germany there is the famous Nikolai Cathedral in Leipzig. For twenty years it has been a place for victims to tell of their sufferings.

Just finishing seminars in the Dresden Environmental Protection Centre and Leipzig University, practitioners including Australian artist Zhang Cuiying came to the Cathedral on November 5 to tell over 200 worshippers the situation of Falun Dafa practitioners persecuted in China.

Practitioners also explained to the audience the brutal torture techniques used by Jiang Zemin's regime as well as the indestructible beliefs of Falun Dafa practitioners and their hearts of compassion while facing brutalities: "Please help us stop the state terrorism of Jiang Zemin against Chinese people. Please tell your friends what you have heard and let everyone who learns the truth support Falun Gong. Let justice prevail and abolish all forms of violence."

The speech won warm applause from the audience. This event had the full support of the chief minister. He set up an information table for us. When the worship finished, people all signed their names on the appeal letter. As the practitioners were leaving, the minister said, "Your speech tonight was very important to us. Thank you."


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