France: Photo report - Falun Gong practitioners Demand Punishment of Jiang Zemin and Others Responsible for the Death of Liu Chengjun

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On March the 5th 2002, programmes were broadcast on eight channels of the Changchun cable TV network exposing the truth behind the self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square and showing Falun Dafa worldwide. The broadcasts lasted for forty to fifty minutes and this amazing event allowed many people to learn the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution; it had a great impact on people inside China as well as overseas Chinese. After the broadcasts, Jiang was infuriated and ordered a series of executions, as well as a secret order to "kill those responsible Falun Gong practitioners without pardon." All persons involved with the broadcast were arrested, as were 5000 other people. Liu Chengjun was one of those involved in the broadcast. According to a report from a Dafa website on December the 28th 2003, Liu Chengjun passed away at 4am on December, 26th at Jilin University Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, after enduring cruel torture and abuse in prison for a year and nine months. That same day, a large police presence had assembled at the hospital and officials at Jilin Prison forcibly cremated Mr. Liu's body. The cremation was performed without an autopsy and against the family's wishes. Eyewitnesses stated that Liu Chengjun's body had blood running from the nostrils, ears, thighs as well as other areas.

In mainland China, Jiang's propaganda has prevented people learning about the persecution. Broadcasting programmes in China has safeguarded the citizems rights to freedom of speech and belief and it has allowed many people to learn the facts. Liu Chengjun should be applauded as a human rights hero, who has peacefully defended his faith and unveiled a web of deception spun by Jiang to hide his gross crimes against humanity. Mr. Liu used his life to clarify the facts to the public and to resist this evil persecution. History will remember the selfless and tremendous sacrifice Liu Chengjun has made for the world.

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