UK: Falun Gong Practitioners Join a Health Fair in Wales

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On the 1st of February 2004, UK Falun Gong practitioners were invited to attend a Health Fair in Port Talbot, South Wales. During the fair, the Falun Dafa stand and exercise demonstration received an enthusiastic response. Practitioners also used this opportunity to clarify the truth to everybody at this fair and expose the persecution happening in China. The whole activity went very well.

The Health Fair was set up in a graceful manner; practitioners hung a Dafa banner on the stand, displayed poster boards to let people know more about Falun Gong and the persecution, and also used a computer to show a recording of the five sets of excises. A lot of people wanted to know about Falun Gong and took the leaflets. One gentleman stopped and watched the Video-CD on the computer until it finished and seemed like he didn’t want to leave. Another lady wanted to learn the exercises immediately after she read the brief introduction to Falun Gong. She also said she will come to the free exercise class in Swansea.

Although the activity was mainly for health-based information, practitioners still used this opportunity to hand out a lot of truth clarification materials. People were shocked when they heard the truth of the persecution; they could not understand why this brutal suppression of human rights has lasted for four and half years. They all volunteered to sign a petition to show their support.

Practitioners were invited by the event's sponsor to demonstrate the exercises on a stage. The beautiful and peaceful movements of Falun Dafa attracted the whole audience. After this demonstration, a lot of people come to our stand to ask for leaflets and find out more. Some of them started to learn the exercises immediately. With the practitioners’ help, they grasped the essentials and some could even do the double lotus position [A sitting meditation position with both legs folded on top of one another].

This activity lasted until the evening and was a complete success. Practitioners felt really happy for those people who heard the truth about Dafa. In the meantime, they also felt that the opportunity to let people know the facts is rare and valuable. As practitioners, we really should grasp every individual opportunity and do it well.

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