Overcoming the Language Barrier and Clarifying the Truth to the French Congress Office.

I did not know that most French people do not understand any English at all. Many even have to resort to counting on their fingers in order to give their fax number in English. However, I do not know any French, and, even worse, my English is also very poor. If I knew this earlier, maybe I would not have bothered to telephone. However, I did not think of this problem at all to begin with. After several days had passed, I discovered that the so-called “language barrier” was no barrier whatsoever.

Most men or women who answered the phone did not understand any English and I spoke slowly almost word by word. In the end they all understood because I used very simple English words. Some people did not know any English and they simply passed the phone to their colleagues who did understand a little. They were all very friendly; perhaps they felt the compassion emanating from my voice.

I did not need to explain too much at all. I simply told them that French police arrested seven UK Falun Gong practitioners in Paris because they were wearing yellow, and that the police told them “Wearing yellow is illegal today.” Although it sounds ridiculous and unfair, it indeed happened. I went on to say that, “I think that If we tacitly agree with this injustice, then it will happen again next time and it may keep on happening over and over. What happens to Falun Gong or foreigners this time may happen to French people next time, and in the end French people may suffer the pain of losing freedom and justice. Perhaps we can do something, not just for me or for Falun Gong practitioners, but also for France, freedom and justice.”

I spoke very slowly and I felt they listened to me very closely. All of them were touched at different levels. When I said, “Then it may happen to French people next time”, many people agreed and some people even said “Why not?” They asked me to send a formal letter or fax. I asked for their fax number and expressed good wishes to them.

I admit that there was indeed a language barrier between us, but this barrier did not cause any problem at all. If they were moved and started to think of this question seriously, then it was a worthwhile effort for me. The next step would be to tell them in a fax that this persecution is not only focused on Falun Gong practitioners, but also affects French people; this persecution does not only want to wipe out Falun Gong practitioners’ bodies, but also destroy justice and the last trace of conscience existing in humankind. Kindhearted people will stand up to support us.

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