Sweden: Dafa Practitioners in Stockholm Gathered at the Chinese Embassy and Appealed to urgently bring Jiang, Luo, Liu and Zhou to Justice

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Falun Gong practitioners held a peaceful protest outside the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese Consulate in Stockholm, to protest against the worsening of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China, as more arrests and killings continue, demanding to bring Jiang Zemin, the main culprit accused of genocide, together with his accomplices Luo Gan, Liu Jing and Zhou Yongkang, to justice.

Twenty six Falun Gong deaths from torture in China have been reported from November 2003 to January 2004 in nine different provinces. Torture methods reported include severe beating, electric shocking, force-feeding and injections of nerve-damaging drugs. Among them was an old lady in her sixties and a thirty three year-old man.

A banner reading ‘Bring Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Liu Jing and Zhou Yongkang to Justice’ displayed by Falun Gong practitioners attracted a lot of attention from passers-by. Many of them asked for more information and some cars blew their horns in support.

Practitioners also got early permission for this protest activity from the police station due to the good reputation of Falun Gong practitioners and their hard work to revel the human rights abuses happening in China.

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