Taiwan: Introducing Falun Dafa at the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial

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Falun Gong is widely known in Taiwan, where there are about 300,000 practitioners. Worldwide, Falun Gong is recognized and practiced in over 60 countries. To expose Jiang's lies about Falun Gong and the facts of the cruel persecution, Falun Gong practitioners in Taiwan introduce Dafa and explain the facts to Chinese tourists in front of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial on weekends and holidays. During the past year, in the busy travel season there were too many tourists for us to distribute flyers and explain the facts to them. During the SARS epidemic or on very hot and cold days, the number of tourists diminished significantly. To help more people learn the facts and stop the persecution, Dafa practitioners keep coming to this location.

Dafa practitioners practice the exercises and introduce Falun Dafa to tourists in front of the Chiang Kai-shek memorial Letting more tourists know the facts of Falun Gong

Among the practitioners volunteering to come, there are retired senior citizens, university students and primary school pupils, government employees and homemakers. Some practitioners spend their vacations here. Facing various tourists, Dafa practitioners with compassionate hearts introduce Falun Dafa to those predestined people passing by. Some tourists stopped in front of the truth-clarification posters and asked questions.

Once while distributing flyers, Dafa practitioners met a three-member family going to see Chiang's statue and costume parade. The practitioners introduced Dafa to them. The man of the family was reluctant to talk and his wife said, "I come from Mainland." The practitioners explained to her that the "Tiananmen self-immolation incident" was staged by Jiang's followers. After the family finished sightseeing, the practitioners greeted them again and unrolled truth-clarification posters. The lady changed her impatient attitude and studied the pictures and explanations carefully with a surprised look.

Once three workers from the mainland came to see a poster. Practitioners said to them, "Falun Dafa is great." One worker said, "I know Falun Dafa is great!" The practitioners continued to explain the staged-Tiananmen self-immolation incident. The worker said, "I know." When we talked about the Jiang group's lies, the worker said, "Nobody believes in them. Though the media spread lies, we know the real situation." The practitioners asked him to let his colleagues know the goodness of Dafa and the facts of the persecution. He said, "Sure. If anyone swears at Dafa, I'll correct him."

A Chinese gentleman living in New York came to Taiwan for business and asked for directions to the President's Office. A practitioner led him to his destination. He asked the practitioner, "Why do you come here and who asked you to show up?" The practitioner said, "I am a government employee. I benefit from practicing Falun Gong. Today is my vacation day, so I came here to tell people the facts that they don't know on the mainland so they won't be deceived. These VCDs in my hands and flyers are all paid for by me for you to know Falun Gong." The man was quite surprised and said, "I admire you all. I'll definitely learn Falun Gong after I return to the United States."

An older gentleman from Xiamen, Fujian Province, China looked at the posters as he was walking by. When a practitioner started to explain the facts to him, he whispered near the practitioner's ear, "I know. I watched the VCD. I received the VCD you mailed. I watched it all."

During the SARS epidemic last year, the number of tourists diminished. Practitioners planned to call people on the mainland to explain the facts of Falun Gong. Suddenly, a surprising voice came, "Falun Gong!" Then a few practitioners stepped forward to introduce and explain Falun Gong to the tourists. One tourist asked, "Is there a simplified Chinese version of a flyer?" The practitioners were surprised since there were few tourists from the mainland at that time. A young tourist said, "I need one too. I need a little bookmark." Upon looking at the photos showing the persecution of Falun Gong in China, the tourists were shocked, "So cruel, we didn't know that when we were in the mainland!" The practitioners told them, "People everywhere in the world know the truth but Jiang's followers cover it up in China. That's why we need to explain the facts to people on the mainland. We hope you know Falun Dafa is great and don't believe the propaganda from the Chinese media."

After showing up here for a long time to introduce Dafa, Falun Gong practitioners have become a tourist attraction. Tourists from the mainland take group photos with Dafa practitioners, dispelling Jiang's lie that nobody practices Falun Gong overseas.

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