MEP Patricia McKenna Writes to an Irish Practitioner about the “Shocking and Wrong” Actions of the French Authorities

10th February 2004

Dear Mr Maddock,

Thank you very much for your letter on the recent issue of the persecution of practitioners of Falun Gong in Paris. I am aware of this issue and very concerned about it and its encroachment on human rights and particularly the freedom of expression.

The blatant denial of the participation of Falun Gong groups in the New Years Parade and the repression of their right to expression and peaceful protest by the French authorities is shocking and wrong. That the French government might have conceded to the request of Jiang Zemin to suppress and silence Falun Gong is extremely worrying indeed.

I have written a letter to the French authorities raising these concerns, which I attach for your information. You may also rest assured that I will continue to follow this issue, especially the reaction by the French government. That the repressive arm of China could reach beyond its own borders and provoke a curtailment of human rights in a sovereign democratic state is a disquieting development to say the least, and one which I shall follow carefully.

Best wishes,

Patricia McKenna MEP

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