United States: Introducing Falun Dafa and Genuine Traditional Chinese Culture at North Texas University's Multicultural Festival

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Fort Worth, an hour's drive to the west of Dallas, is a large city known as "the origin of the West." Today, Fort Worth is not only a place people visit to experience the culture of the American West, but also a place to see cultures from different countries. Every year in the first week of March, North Texas University Medical Centre hosts a "Multi-cultural Festival" aiming at improving understanding and tolerance through cultural exchange.

Falun Gong Exercise Demonstration
On the evening of March 6, the festival reached the peak with a "Cultural Talent Show" on its last day. Performers from many countries brought their best performances to the stage at Everett Hall. The Falun Dafa practitioners of Dallas brought two programs to the show: a Falun Gong demonstration and Tang Dynasty Costume Dance.

At 7 pm, the talent show started. The second program was the Falun Dafa demonstration. Over ten Falun Gong practitioners in golden yellow exercise suites demonstrated five sets of exercises. The movements were neat, smooth and beautiful. The benevolent voice from Teacher and the music filled every corner of the hall. The audience was deeply moved by the scene and gave the practitioners warm applause.

The contact person for this activity of the Falun Gong group said the multicultural festival was a great place to demonstrate Chinese traditional culture. Cultivation has a long history, and people will always be interested in it.

Several female Falun Dafa practitioners performed a Tang Dynasty Dance in traditional costumes. The music, entitled, "Walking between the Sky and Earth" was composed by a Mainland China Dafa practitioner. Both the dance and music were very appealing and ended with the unfurling of a banner reading, "Falun Dafa is good". The audience liked it very much.

When asked why they chose the Tang Dynasty Dance to demonstrate Chinese traditional culture, the spokesperson said, "We wish to bring people not only traditional but also righteous culture. The Tang Dynasty was the peak time of Chinese culture. The dresses from the Tang dynasty were elegant and precious; the dances were graceful. Most important, the people of the Tang Dynasty respected Gods and cultivated themselves. It was an extraordinarily spiritual period of Chinese history. This is the true traditional culture of China."

Answering requests from the audience, practitioners announced that there would be a free Falun Gong class at the university library.

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