Reply From German MP: "We Will Urge China to Honour Human Rights after the 60th Session of UNHRC Meeting"

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A German MP, Mr. Hermann Groehe, who is also the President of the Christian Democratic Party’s branch of the Government’s Human Rights Association, wrote a letter in reply to German Falun Gong practitioners on the 6th of April, stating that he agreed with the EU’s decision of supporting the U.S resolution on condemning China for its human rights performance.

Mr. Groehe acknowledged practitioners’ letter of the 1st of April as well as the enclosed leaflet that provided the latest information on Falun Gong practitioners’ conditions in mainland China. Mr. Groehe said, "The politics and human rights issue inside China have always been the main concern of our work on human rights. We have not only raised the issue of Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted in China to our own government, but also to the Chinese Government a number of times."

Mr. Groehe also said, "In a meeting which was held by the government’s human rights working group, after listening to an official report on the 60th session of UNHRC meeting, we urged our government to take action on solving China’s problems and to support the U.S resolution on condemning China’s human rights violations at the UN Human Rights Conference. In a resolution entitled ‘Intensify the human rights’ effect upon International Politics-a presentation to the 60th session of UNHRC meeting’ drafted by the Christian Democratic Party of Germany, the Christian Social Organisation and the Liberal Democrats, we appealed to the German Government to draft a resolution with other western countries to indicate the fact that the basic human rights and freedom of people in mainland China have been ruined and persecuted, especially in areas like Tibet and SinKiang. The resolution should also urge China to abide by the UN Human Rights agreement which it had previously signed"

He also presumed that, "Like what happened in the previous years, this year, the UN Human Rights Committee Group will receive a ‘no-action’ plan for the U.S resolution.’ He added: ‘As far as I know, the EU will definitely reject this sort of ‘no-action’ plan. If the UN Human Rights Committee can raise the issue of China, at least, Germany for sure will support the U.S resolution. When the 60th session of UNHRC Meeting is over, the Human Rights Working group in Germany will give an overall summary of our previous work, and our focus will lie in the question of how to solve China’s problems. Don’t worry, we will keep our focus on China and try out best efforts to urge China to abide by its human rights obligations."

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