Russia: Promoting Falun Gong and Explaining the Facts at the "New Era Health Expo” in Moscow

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On April the 24th 2004, Moscow Falun Gong practitioners held a three-hour activity at the “New Era Health Expo” in Moscow to let people know about the practice of Falun Gong and see the truth behind the Jiang regime's brutal persecution of this peaceful cultivation practice.

Practitioners arranged several different kinds of activities. Some practised the exercises in a park whilst others handed out leaflets somewhere else. At 3pm, practitioners got together at the exhibition hall in Moscow city centre. All of them participated and cooperated well with each other. Some of them demonstrated the exercises, some showed films that exposed the persecution and some distributed literature and Video-CDs to passersby. They worked quickly, as a cooperative and harmonious team. This was a new phenomenon among Moscow practitioners, based on doing well in what they should do.

There were thirty seats in the exhibition hall and all were taken up by people who came early. People who came late had to stand to watch and listen. Compared with bygone years, today a number of people came here mainly to hear about Falun Gong and to practisce the exercises. The whole activity was divided into three parts: First, practitioners who had been practising for a long time would introduce Dafa and share their cultivation experiences; second, they showed videos of the spread of Dafa and a film about Jiang’s evil persecution against Falun Gong. When the activity had finished, a lot of people came up to ask where the free exercises classes were held. Some of them asked for materials and copies of the Falun Gong books.

When a Chinese girl, who had been living in Russia for a long time, walked into the hall, practitioners chatted with her enthusiastically. Feeling the loving care, she sighed with emotion, “You are very different indeed from what I had seen and heard on Chinese radio and the newspapers.” Especially when she heard the truth of the staged Tiananmen immolation, she was shocked. When practitioners gave her the VCDs explaining the truth she was very happy, “I have gained a lot today, I will definitely watch them when I get back home.”

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