Holland: Theme Park Defies Pressure from Jiang's Regime to Host Falun Gong Display

Last year Dutch practitioners were invited to attend the ‘Asia Week’ event in the Mondo Verde theme park in the south of the Netherlands. Just before the start of the event, the management of the park received a fax from the Chinese Embassy, requesting that they remove Falun Gong from the programme. This kind of devious act has has been undertaken by Chinese Embassy staff throughout Europe as former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin attempts to spread his vicious persecution overseas. The park management did not comply with the intimidating request. This year the park organised another event to introduce the public to different aspects of Asian culture, like traditional Indonesian dancing, martial arts and Qigong, Japanese tea ceremonies and Eastern philosophy. Falun Gong practitioners were cordially invited to attend.

For two Sundays Falun Gong practitioners were able to demonstrate the exercises and inform people about Falun Gong's background in a special atmosphere. Many visitors to the park were interested and wished to learn more about the gentle exercises and profound principles.

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