Holland: An Anti-Torture Exhibition is Held in Rotterdam

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On the afternoon of the 25th of September, Falun Gong practitioners from Belgium and Holland gathered together in Rotterdam, the city with the largest Chinese population in Holland. An anti-torture exhibition acted out by practitioners was held in Schouwburgplein city centre, not far from Chinatown.

Many passersby were attracted by the exhibition and display boards. Lots of them stopped to have a close look and asked for more details about the persecution. Many of them had heard about Falun Gong before but not the persecution. After listening to practitioners explaining what is happening in China, they learned about the cruelty of Jiang Zemin’s regime and its crimes against humanity. Many people found it inconceivable and felt very shocked but also sad; they also shared their sympathy with practitioners and their family members who had suffered from the persecution. There were also people who were passing by taking photos of each exhibit.

It is early autumn in Holland now, but the weather is already cold. During the entire activity, practitioners just carried on with their righteous thoughts in the cold wind. On the other side of the street some practitioners demonstrated the five sets of Falun Gong exercises to peaceful music in order to let people know the facts that these are a group of good people who practise Truth, Compassion, Tolerance and are undergoing brutal persecution in China right now. By staging the torture show, we want to arouse people’s conscience so that we can end the persecution together. If everyone knows about the brutality of this persecution, then it will surely end because Jiang’s regime will not find any space to hide.

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