United States: Introducing Falun Gong and the Persecution Outside the Vietnam Veterans Plaza in New York

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At this particular anti-torture exhibition, an actor depicting a murderous looking Chinese policeman waves an electric police baton and beats an already bleeding elderly woman locked in a small metal cage. It is in the heart of Manhattan near Water Street, an area of office buildings and crowds of office workers. The Falun Gong practitioners are performing the symbolic anti-torture exhibition to remind the hurried New Yorkers that Chinese police are torturing their fellow citizens using even crueler methods than they inflicted upon their enemies in the revolution.

The locals' paces are hurried; they are busy with work and life and have little time to think about other things. Most of them only have a few seconds of time to look at the exhibition display, but the persistent Falun Gong practitioners are letting people know about Falun Gong and the persecution in China.

Anti-Torture exhibition outside the Vietnam Veterans Plaza A lady inquires about Falun Gong
Introducing Falun Gong to a passerby Distributing newspapers in front of No. 55 on Water Street

One group of youngsters watched the display boards and said, "It (persecution) is stupid" and asked where they could learn the exercises. A woman from Ireland talked to a practitioner and said she had heard about the persecution before. She said the Irish would not tolerate the persecution of "Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance". When the practitioner told her that the Irish government had rescued a Chinese student who practises Falun Gong from a Forced Labor Camp in China allowing him to return back to Ireland, she said she was very proud of her government. One African American woman viewed the pictures and immediately she recited the famous word from Dr. Martin L King Jr., "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

The monuments want people to remember the history of people killing each other, but people are forgetful and so history replays again and again. Today, the Falun Gong practitioners are like moving monuments who are using their efforts and sacrifices to remind the people of history and encourage them to step up to stop the persecution so as to build a better future for mankind.

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