The After Effects of My Concussion Went Away

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I was weak and had many diseases since I was young. Because of the serious after effects of a concussion, I had to take early retirement. It was Falun Gong that helped me to become healthy.

When I was 27, I suffered from a variety of illnesses one after another. I had to take western and Chinese traditional medicines all year long. I once had kidney inflammation, hepatitis, uterine cancer and breast cancer. Other diseases that bothered me constantly included anaemia and serious gastritis (stomach ache, bloating, poor appetite), serious neurosis (loss of sleep, dizziness and headaches), lack of blood flow to the brain, and rheumatism. I endured long term suffering from these diseases, work stress, heavy housework and extremely unpleasant family issues. I felt so helpless and desperate.

I often felt dizzy and sometimes lost consciousness. In 1994, on my way to work, I had one of my episodes and tumbled from a set of stone steps. My head hit heavily on the corner of the last stone step. I passed out right away. I was sent to a hospital emergency room. I had suffered a fractured skull and a concussion. I stayed in intensive care for over 40 days. After I left the hospital, my head did not heal well and had still a small crack, so I couldn't wash my face like a normal person. I could only lightly wipe my face, or my entire face would be very uncomfortable. The after effects from the concussion made me dizzy all day long. I could only work for half an hour, and then take a break afterwards. Otherwise, I would make serious and obvious mistakes in my work. Later on, I had no choice but to take early retirement.

One day in mid-March of 1997, I had the most unforgettable day of my life. I met a friend on the street, and she asked me to go to practice Falun Gong. I didn't think much of it and went with her. At that time I knew nothing about the practice, I just followed the movements. Then, after a few days I suddenly had a big appetite. I ate three bowls of rice in one meal, whereas before I could only eat a small clump of rice due to the gastritis for the past decades. Without noticing, all the uncomfortable symptoms I had in the past disappeared completely. I haven't had to take a single pill for 7 years now.

Because of the extreme shortage of the Falun Gong book Zhuan Falun at the time, I wasn't able to read the book until a month after I started the practice. I then knew that I had attained Dafa, something to truly treasure. I felt so fortunate and happy. It was our Teacher who gave me a healthy body and guided me towards the true meaning of life. I can't express my respect and gratitude in words. I can only affirm the practice of Falun Dafa firmly and persistently.

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