Korea: Exposing the Persecution at the University of Seoul

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During the second and third week of October, while the student government of the University of Seoul was having celebration activities, practitioners held a series of events on campus to promote Falun Dafa and expose the ongoing brutal persecution. This is the second such activity on campus since May 2004.

Practitioners staged a photo exhibition in front of the student union to expose the brutality of the persecution and demonstrated the exercises quietly next to the exhibition. Though it was very noisy on campus, the tranquil exercise music drew people's attention. With the celebration activities taking place, a lot of students came to the student union, and of course they also saw the exhibition.

Though we were having the exhibition in the same spot as we did last May, the response from students was quite different. At the previous event, many people were indifferent to the persecution; however, things turned around this time. A lot of passersby stopped to view posters, listen to practitioners' introduction and many accepted our truth-clarifying brochures. It is quite amazing that this positive change happened in just a few months.

Many students said, "How can this happen?" After listening to our explanations, many thanked us and encouraged us to keep up our efforts. There were also some students who had learned about Falun Gong before. They often took the initiative to explain to their friends who were curious.

Besides students, there were also some local residents who were interested in Falun Gong and asked for local practise site information. An Indian international student wanted to learn the exercises right away after he read the introductory material. We talked with students one after another for hours, and our materials quickly ran out.

We also met some Chinese students from the Mainland who did not want to know the truth. However, practitioners were not frustrated and continued their efforts. Perhaps in the future they will reconsider our words.

Through our activities, we hope more people will obtain the precious Fa and all the Chinese international students will learn about the truth of Falun Gong and the persecution.

* * *

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