Some Thoughts after Studying Teacher's Recent Article, "Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People"

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After studying Master's recent article, "Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People," I strongly feel that the Fa-rectification of this place is closely approaching, and because it feels so imminent, it is imperative that we focus on saving sentient beings. I also feel that this pressing responsibility rests equally on the shoulders of all those who practise Falun Dafa during this historical moment.

However, after reexamining myself and looking at some of the practitioners in our area, I find we lag far behind Master's current requirements of us. Few of the new as well as veteran practitioners ever step forward to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to people. Some will only take a few materials with them when they go out, and then it is only when there is no apparent danger to them at all. Fear still occupies their minds and they don't dare to contact other Falun Gong practitioners. They have long been unable to overcome this situation, to say nothing of stepping forward to clarify the truth to people on a face-to-face basis. It is mainly the more diligent practitioners who distribute Falun Gong materials and Cd's, with only a few of them actually coming out to verbally declare the facts. Even simply talking to people that way occurs only in situations in which they feel relatively safe. This would indicate that there are not enough righteous thoughts.

Today I read Master's new article, which brought me to the understanding that, aside from the other methods that we currently use to save sentient beings, we must now strengthen our efforts to talk to individuals about Falun Gong and the persecution. At this moment, people are really willing to listen to the truth. Whenever I explain the truth about Dafa and the persecution, I see people with predestined relationships coming up closer to listen. Sometimes, even people riding by on bicycles stop to listen to me. It only takes several sentences to let people understand, without being influenced by the evil that exists in other dimensions. Afterwards, I hand each of those who had listened a beautiful Dafa card as a small gift. These are very happily accepted as the listeners constantly thank me. Some said, "Very good, now I'm not afraid of anything," or, "Today I met a noble person." Others said, "This is so precious! I must protect it well." Some people even wanted to learn Falun Dafa immediately. There have been many such touching occurrences. Whenever I see people's heart yearning to be saved, I think, "How good it would be if all these new and veteran practitioners alike would step forward. That way, in a short time, all people across the whole country would know the truth." I have found that the best method for declaring the truth to people is to be able to adapt my speech according to their specific differences, so they will know that I am speaking directly to them as individuals rather than just "making a speech" to them. Among the many effective techniques for clarifying the truth, this one is unsurpassed.

After studying Master's new article, I decided to act according to Master's requirement, to determine what things I haven't done so well in clarifying the truth, and to resolve to do a better job from now on. I also hope that other practitioners will quickly achieve greater breakthroughs and improvement in this regard. I think this is the most pressing need at this stage of the magnificent wave of Fa-rectification, and it is also what Master wishes from us. As Master's disciple, I feel that I should unconditionally subordinate the selfishness of my human side, even to the point of life or death if necessary, in order to harmonise with Master's plan. In the process, we're cultivating to the higher state of genuine purity, righteousness, benevolence, virtuous enlightenment and righteous Fa(1). New and veteran practitioners, we have been waiting millions of billions of years for just this one moment. Let us put down all thoughts from our human side. Don't disappoint Master and don't disappoint sentient beings. Let us greet the advent of the Fa's rectification of the human world with the unprecedented magnificence of true Falun Dafa practitioners.

1. Fa: Law and principles; the teachings of Falun Dafa.

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