Germany: Joint Activites with the International Society for Human Rights on World Human Rights Day

On World Human Rights Day, December the 10th, the Munich branch of the International Society for Human Rights and German Falun Gong Practitioners held activities at the square in front of the National Theatre to call on German society to pay attention to China's human rights situation and put an end to the atrocities launched by Jiang Zemin and his Communist regime.

Displayed in front of the IGFM’s booth was the information about the Chinese Government’s persecution of various organisations, religions and ethnic groups, including the Tibetans, the minorities in Inner Mongolia, Falun Gong, Christians, etc.

Falun Gong practitioners displayed a series of photos and re-enacted the brutal methods of torture used to force people in China who practise Falun Gong to betray their conscience and give up the practice. Falun Gong has brought physical and spiritual wellbeing to millions of people all over the world and these are some of the reasons why practitioners do not want to give the practice up. At least 1157 deaths through police abuse and torture have been confirmed, with government sources inside China indicating that the actual number could be has high as 7,000 or more. Many practitioners have remained steadfast in their belief and refused to give in to the barbaric methods used to persecute them.

Practitioners also displayed the beauty of practising Falun Gong by demonstrating the five sets of exercises. It is hard not to be surprised on seeing the graceful Falun Gong exercises performed near to re-enactments of the torture methods used against practitioners in China. Little sense can be made when questioning why such a peaceful practice that has benefited so many people could be the target of the world’s largest campaign of genocide and persecution. It is only when people hear from the practitioners how this persecution is the brainchild of former Communist leader Jiang Zemin who was enraged that Falun Gong became more popular than the Communist Party. In 1999, Jiang issued orders that Falun Gong deaths are to be counted as suicides and the bodies directly cremated.

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