The 6-10 Office Becomes the Biggest Distributor of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" in China

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As people overseas are discussing how to break through the news blockades in China to more rapidly disseminate the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" (Nine Commentaries), the Nine Commentaries series was already rapidly and silently circulating among the high level officials in China. Some insiders said that the information source was still the Internet, but the disseminators of the "Commentaries" were not people outside China or dissidents inside China, but certain people in the Chinese Communist Party itself. To put it specifically, the disseminator was an agency founded specifically to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems, it is know as the "6-10 Office".

The 6-10 Office functions across different levels, much like the "Leading Group for the Cultural Revolution" during that time in China, or as did the "Gestapo" in Germany during Hitler's time. Each different level carries out different tasks at different levels, including every level of government, Party Committees, the judiciary, the police, and the national security departments. It begins from the top down - committees of the police bureaus (such as Luo Gan) and filters down to the labour camps and district police stations. All have a special task; that is, collecting all sorts of information on Falun Gong, including information regarding the overseas network. The 6-10 Office functionaries periodically edit the information and report to the head of their own department and from there to higher levels.

An insider said that some of his friends were working in prisons and others were working in police departments. The department heads had quickly looked through the briefs they received and signed them. Then the briefs would be archived or submitted to higher levels. Regarding the Nine Commentaries, after it was sent to the department heads, it wouldn't be signed and sent back immediately. One week later it would be returned with other briefs that were turned in much later than the original. The Nine Commentaries took a long time to be returned. From this we can see that the department heads read The Nine Commentaries stringently.

This insider also told the reporter that his friends noticed those who were enthusiastic in the persecution of Falun Gong were now quieter after reading the Nine Commentaries. On the surface it seemed that they were no longer interested in the persecution. In actuality they became afraid, because they already knew the fundamental nature of the Communist Party and the truth of its history. They were suddenly unsettled by its true history "of constantly self-purging." They didn't want to show any reaction to the Nine Commentaries, but it was easy to observe the changes in them after they read the Nine Commentaries.

The insider thought that the 6-10 Office was a special, independent system affiliated with the Chinese bureaucracy. The number of personnel and the scope of its organisation is huge and extremely widely dispersed, including in the army, police, and special agencies, which unexpectedly allowed the broad and rapid the dissemination of the Nine Commentaries.

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