Further Analysis of the Staged Tiananmen Square Self-immolation

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As Jiang Zemin and his group's tyrannical rule nears its end, they are once again focusing on the staged Tiananmen Square self-immolation--an event that happened four years ago and was full of inconsistencies and deceptions from the beginning. By doing this, they are trying in vain to mislead the public and justify their continuing persecution of Falun Gong.

The group of human rights criminals that persecutes Falun Gong has tried every trick to defame Falun Gong, and destroy Falun Gong's reputation. At the same time, they have gone to great lengths to stifle Falun Gong practitioners' heartfelt voices. Isn't this kind of propaganda the action of desperate politicians? It is well known that when a case is brought to court of law, the two parties involved--the plaintiff and the defendant--both have a chance to speak for themselves. Is it fair to allow only one of the parties to be heard?

Why were the books of Falun Gong forcefully taken away and burned? The people can distinguish good from bad, but the communist rulers have always been afraid that the people will learn the truth.

If what the state controlled media says is true, then why do the authorities block websites of the international press and media? Why don't they dare allow the people to see the outside world? The truth is not afraid of the light. True principles withstand wind and rain. True principles survive careful consideration and judgement. Only those insidious lies need all the doors and windows shut.

As for the staged Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation, how could a truly spontaneous event that took place within 3-5 minutes be photographed and filmed with telephoto lenses, zoom lenses and close-up lenses? Isn't it obvious that the reporters, self-immolators, and fire fighters were cooperating with each other?

According to common medical knowledge, the old woman named Liu, who claimed that she had drunk half a Sprite bottle of gasoline in the staged Self-Immolation Incident, should have died or become disabled due to her action. However, within 3 or 4 days following the event, she could take part in an interview conducted by a reporter with great confidence as though nothing had happened to her. Moreover, she also spoke nonsense, such as whether "De" (virtue) could produce white smoke or black smoke after it was burnt. Who taught her to say this? There is not a single sentence in the Falun Dafa texts that mentions this kind of nonsense.

Normally, all burn victims are kept in an isolated, sterile room and their wounds are left exposed. However, all the survivors of the Tiananmen Self-Immolation were wrapped tightly with gauze bandages, placed in normal wards, and interviewed exclusively and casually by reporters who were not wearing any protective clothing or masks. Why were all these things that go against common medical practise done? Wasn't it just a setup for the TV cameras?

The little girl, Liu Siying, was said to have undergone tracheotomy surgery. How could this be true if she could sing clearly on TV only a few days after the operation? An adult whose trachea has been cut open needs at least half a month to recover, and can then speak only in a hoarse voice. To add to the mystery, the girl, who seemed to be in such good health following treatment, was reported to have suddenly died not long after she was interviewed by the media.

The green plastic Sprite bottle that supposedly contained gasoline remained intact between Wang Jindong's legs, while Wang himself suffered serious burns. How could a plastic bottle with gasoline in it remain intact during the whole event, while the man holding it was on fire? Moreover, it was placed between Wang's legs carefully and was then photographed close-up. The Chinese people may be gullible, and the media may be easily controlled by authorities, but this kind of fabrication is just ridiculous.

There was a close-up shot during the interview of Wang Jindong in the hospital. The interviewer's clear voice was projected from the TV while Wang's lips didn't move a bit. The voice must have been dubbed after the on-site interview. This alone should lead viewers to have doubts immediately. All of the incriminating pictures have been erased by CCTV and have never been rebroadcast. When CCTV later played up the Tiananmen Self-Immolation again, they had deleted all the incriminating scenes, only playing the parts that don't reveal inconsistencies and deceptions. Now however, even these shots are not being aired.

Lies are always lies. If people give them careful consideration, they can see through them and not be deceived any longer.

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