Enlightening to Principles in the Fa

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I recognised a while ago that in the past I did not act as a practitioner should. It was how I interpreted the Fa (law or principles, the teachings in Falun Gong). The reason for that was that I didn’t think much about the deeper meaning of the word ‘interpretation.’ Only after Master gave us some hints did I check the meaning of the word in the dictionary. The dictionary identified the word interpretation as ‘explaining.’ Only now do I recognise my wrongdoing and understand that I sabotaged the Fa. In the meantime I had only a shallow understanding of Master’s words and could not see the deeper connotation.

Our path is narrow and I had stepped from the right path. At that time I could not make a clear distinction between my perceptions, sharing experience and the interpretation of the Fa. Any time another practitioner asked me about a passage in the core text of the Falun Gong teachings - Zhuan Falun he/she could not understand, I explained it thoroughly, as I believed that I could do no wrong, because I understood everything from within the Fa.

Only now do I realise that all I explained was saturated with the “me” and with what I had experienced and understood. For example, it came to me that we should discuss and share the insights we gained from clarifying the truth about the persecution.

Master explains in Zhuan Falun (Chapter 3) clearly about Fa interpretation:

“You are not allowed to say it, using my original words as yours, or else it is an act of plagiarizing the Fa. You can only use my original words to say it, adding that this is how Teacher says it or how it is written in the book. You can only say it this way. Why? Because when you say it this way, it will carry the power of Dafa. You cannot spread the things that you know as Falun Dafa. Otherwise, what you pass on is not Falun Dafa, and what you do is the same as undermining our Falun Dafa. If you say something according to your ideas and your mind, it is not the Fa and cannot save people; neither will it have any effect. Therefore, nobody else can teach this Fa.”

Master explained during the Lecture at the First Conference in North America,

“Sometimes a person adds his own notions into the Fa, stating that the meaning for certain words is this or that. It’s awful when he gives his interpretations.”

Master made it quite clear that only diligent Fa study will move one closer to understanding everything.

The above is, as I understand the Fa at my level. Please, kindly point to anything that is not within the Fa.

* * *

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